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January Fixtures 2017-18

Saturday 6th Jan 2017  
Oxon Junior Cup  KO 1.30pm
Combe Junior Sports 1 v 4 Tetsworth First
ADL League Cup  KO 1.30pm
Waddesdon First 3 v 4 APBS FC First (game switched) 
Premier Division  KO 2.00pm
Aylesbury Dynamos First 3 v 2 New Zealand FC First

Haddenham United First 4 v 3 Elmhurst First
Wendover First 2 v 1 Quainton First
Wingrave First 1 v 2 Bucks CC First
Division One  KO 2.00pm
Ayletico First 0 v 6 Oving First
Bedgrove United First 2 v 1 Bucks Blue First
Ludgershall United First 1 v 4 Long Marston First
Division Two  KO 2.00pm
Aylesbury Dynamos Reserves 2 v 3 Bedgrove Wanderers First
FC Bierton First HW v HW Haddenham United Reserves
FC Spandits First 10 v 2 Wendover Reserves
Rivets FC Reserves 5 v 2 Bedgrove United Reserves

Division Three  KO 2.00pm
Aylesbury Raiders First 4 v 2 Tetsworth Reserves
Long Marston Reserves 6 v 4 Great Milton First
Oving Reserves 0 v 2 Bedgrove Dynamos Reserves
Quainton Reserves 3 v 4 Wingrave Reserves

13th January

Oxon Junior Cup  KO 1.30pm
Spartan Rangers  0 Vs 3 Tetsworth First

Premier Division  KO 2.00pm
Elmhurst First 5 v 2 Wingrave First
Haddenham United First 6 v 1 Bucks CC First
Quainton First 2 v 4 Aylesbury Dynamos First
Wendover First 2 v 3 APBS FC First

Division One  Ko 2.00pm
Bedgrove United First 0 v 4 Ayletico First
Long Marston First 7 v 1 Bedgrove Dynamos First
Oving First 1 v 2 Ludgershall United First
Rivets FC First 6 v 2 Bucks Blue First
Division Two  Ko 2.00pm
Bucks CC Reserves 1 v 6 Aylesbury Dynamos Reserves
FC Bierton First 1 v 7 Wendover Reserves
FC Spandits First 5 v 0 Bedgrove United Reserves
Waddesdon First 1 v 3 Bedgrove Wanderers First

Division Three  KO 2.00pm
Bedgrove Dynamos Reserves 0 v 5 Great Milton First
Tetsworth Reserves 4 Vs 2 Quainton Reserves

Ludgershall United Reserves 0 v 5 Long Marston Reserves
St Johns FC 2 v 2 Aylesbury Raiders First
Wingrave Reserves 8 v 1 Oving Reserves

20th January

B&B Junior Cup  KO 1.30pm
Iver Heath Village v FC Bierton First
Sheffield-Jackman Cup  KO 1.30pm
FC Spandits First v Bucks Blue First
Great Milton First v Bedgrove Wanderers First
Long Marston First v Rivets FC First
Oving First v Tetsworth First
Premier Division  KO 2.00pm
APBS FC First v Haddenham United First
Bucks CC First v Quainton First
New Zealand FC First v Elmhurst First
Wendover First v Wingrave First

Division One  KO 2.00pm
Bedgrove Dynamos First v Ayletico First
Ludgershall United First v Bedgrove United First
Division Two  KO 2.00pm
Bedgrove United Reserves v Bucks CC Reserves
Haddenham United Reserves v Aylesbury Dynamos Reserves
Rivets FC Reserves v Waddesdon First

Division Three  KO 2.00pm
Aylesbury Raiders First v St Johns FC 
Quainton Reserves v Oving Reserves
Tetsworth Reserves v Ludgershall United Reserves
Wingrave Reserves v Bedgrove Dynamos Reserves

27th January

 Thomas Field Shield Qtr Finals  KO 1.30pm
AFC Amersham v Aylesbury Dynamos First
Bucks Blue First v Prestwood
Elmhurst First v Haddenham United First
Great Missenden v Tetsworth First
Premier Division  KO 2.00pm
APBS FC First v Bucks CC First
Wingrave First v Quainton First
New Zealand, Wendover SPARE  
Division One  KO 2.00pm
Long Marston First v Ayletico First
Ludgershall United First v Rivets FC First
Division Two  KO 2.00pm
Bedgrove United Reserves v Bedgrove Wanderers First
Haddenham United Reserves v Waddesdon First
Rivets FC Reserves v Bucks CC Reserves
Wendover Reserves v Aylesbury Dynamos Reserves
Division Three  KO 2.00pm
Bedgrove Dynamos Reserves v Ludgershall United Reserves
Great Milton First v Long Marston Reserves
Oving Reserves v Wingrave Reserves
Quainton Reserves v Aylesbury Raiders First

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