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ADL Committee Minutes - Jan 2020

Minutes of the meeting of Aylesbury and District Football League Committee held at  

7.30 p.m. on Wednesday 8 January 2020 at Aylesbury Tennis Club 


Present:P Rice, M Griffin, R Lipscombe. I Macleod,T Munt,M Pollard, N Sabatini,K Saw,ASkeggs, R Small, Mrs M Stevens.,M Thoday. 

Apologies:  Mrs M Harrison. 

The Minutes: of the meeting of 4 December2019were accepted.  

Matters Arising:  

Kevin, and Peter had a meeting with Liz Verraland Chris Cole on Thursday 5 December, to discuss various problems.  Referees cannot be diverted to County Cup games later than 96 hours before the scheduled ko time of a cup game.  There are several queries made by Peter and Kevin which Berks and Bucks are still discussing. 

Most clubs now have a first aider who has a valid certificate, Margaret will contact those that are outstanding.  It was decided that the entry form for next season should ask for a copy of a valid first aid certificate for each team. 

Peter has the certificates of those who completed the course in November and will endeavour to give them out. 


Unfortunately we have to report the death of Neil Edwards who was the treasurer of Wingrave Football club, also of John Thompson from Wendover, an ex-referee.  Our sympathy goes to their families. 

We have received an email from AVS Fencing offering a 50% reduction on the cost of fencing football pitches.  Anyone interested should contact them direct  

Berks and Bucks FA have a session on League and Misconduct appeals on 9th January, the details have already been sent to clubs. 

Following an email to Tetsworth in November, they will be informed that their kit is too dark. 

The committee are increasingly receiving e-mails concerning numerous issues addressed to several different committee members. The procedure is that the league secretary should receive ALL correspondence, with a copy to the chairman. Margaret then will source the answers from whichever committee member has the responsibility, before responding.             

Registration Secretary’s Report

          December Transfers 

Harry Warren from Ludgershall to Haddenham  

Luke Sellar from Ludgershall to Haddenham  

Joshua Monene from BedgroveUtd to AFC Berryfields  

Daniel Moss from Ludgershall to Aylesbury Raiders  

Christopher O'Donovan from Aylesbury Vale to Haddenham  

KalsonGuiste from Elmhurst to Aylesbury Vale  

        Jamie Carter & Matt Tagliarini de registered from Chinnor FC & signed for Bedgrove Utd. 


         AFC Berryfields signed and played Joshua Monene on the day (7/12/19) before transferring him fined £50 rule 18N 


Fixtures Secretary’s Report 


7.12.19 FC Bierton – no club assistant fined £5 rule 21c 

  AFC Berryfields – no opponent on teamsheet fined £5 rule 21c 

  Prestwood no club assistant fined £5 rule 21c 

30.11.19 Wendover Res – no club assistant on team sheet fined £5 rule 21c 

            Prestwood res no club assistant fined £5 rule 21c 

            Elmhurst no date on teamsheet fined £5 rule 21c 

            Prestwood no club assistant, First Aider on teamsheet fined £5 rule 21c 

4.1.2020 F C Titans late acknowledgement to referee fined £10 rule 20c 

 Free Weeks Requested 

4 January Prestwood Reserves 

11 January Gt Missenden 

15 February F C Titans, BedgroveUtd Res 

29 February Tetsworth Res (Marsworth Reserve Cup) 

28 March  Tetsworth (Field Shield semi-final) 


14 December Prestwood Res v AFC Berryfields – AFC Berryfields no team fined £50 rule 20B points awarded to Prestwood Res 

21 December  Ayletico v Elmhurst game not played. Decision to be made at the next meeting. More information required. 


Please note that the dates for Cup semi-finals and Finals cannot be re-arranged 

The dates for the cup Semi-finals and Finals are: 

Marsworth Res Cup Semi final  28 Feb 2020Final    - Mon 16th March 

Marsworth Senior Cup Semi final 7 March 2020Final - Mon 23rd March  

Reserve League Cup - semi final 14 March 2020Final Mon 30th March  

Sheffield Jackman Cup - Semi final 21 March 2020Final Mon 6th April  

Field Shield Semi final 28 March 2020Final Friday 10 April 2020 

Presidents Cup Semi final 4 April 2020Final Monday 20 April 2020 

 Referees Secretary’s Report 

14 December Berryfields had no team, half-fee to referee Paul Bennett 

Cuddington’s pitch had been spiked last week, but this made it unplayable. 

Kevin is still struggling to find enough referees but as some games were cancelled last month those that were played were all refereed by badged officials. 

There have been some enquiries about a referees course, but there are none scheduled in Aylesbury. 


Press/Results Secretary’s Report 

There have been no records of the tables or top scorers in the local paper, even though Marc has sent them in. 

Rule 18H1 needs to be inserted into the rules that are on-line. 


Any Other Business 

Roger reported his observations on the players and the referees of the games he has observed since last month. 

Can any suggested Rule changes please be sent to Margaret before the next meeting. 

Any teams who had trophies need to return them to Tony by the end of January. 

The AGM will be held on 8 June, and the pre-season meeting on 3 August 2020. 

 The meeting closed at 8.30 p.m. 

The next meeting was arranged for 5 February 2020. 


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