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ADL Committee Minutes - Nov 2021

Minutes of the meeting of Aylesbury and District Football League Committee held at 7.00p.m. on Wednesday 3 November 2021 at The Tennis Club, Aylesbury 



Present:  P Rice, K Dunnings, M Griffin, Mrs M Harrison, N Sabatini, K Saw, A Skeggs, 

 R Small Mrs M Stevens, Thoday. 


Apologies were received from T Munt 


The Minutes: of the meeting of 6 October 2021 were agreed 


Matters Arising: Some of the rule numbers are incorrect with reference to fines. 

The Field Shield Rules are now online. 

The Chairman has investigated and dealt with the cannabis smell. 

Wendover now have white lines marking out their pitch, they have incurred a fine of   

           £ 10 for not replying to the secretary within 7 days, causing her to write to them  

           again.  Rule  6(l) 



Stoke Mandeville’s home ground is stated as Walton Court on Full Time, it is in fact  

Weston Turville. 

Aylesbury Hornets have changed their home venue, however it is not suitable as  

there are no changing facilities or toilets available. 


Treasurer’s Report: 


Outstanding fines: 

Aylesbury Raiders, Ludgershall, Rivets, St Johns, St Leonards, Stoke Mandeville,                   



Registration Secretary’s Report: 



Quintino Martino from Berryfields to Aylesbury Vikings  

Damian Connor from Aylesbury Vale Dynamos to St Johns  

Richard Morrison from Great Missenden to Wendover  


Please be aware that team sheets on full time have to be there by 6 p.m. on  

Monday, any add-ons by Wednesday at 6.00 p.m. 


If you have a reserve team and they were not originally on Full Time please update  

your teamsheet on full time, the facility to do it is there now. 


There are queries regarding Wendover registrations, this is being followed up by the 



Joe Oxley played for Aylesbury Vikings on the 23rd October, against Great Missenden, and on the 30th against Wendover, before his transfer from Tring Corries had been finalised. 

As both fixtures were lost there is NO points deduction, however the fine is £50 per match. Rule 18m 


Fixtures Secretary’s Report 

 Cup draws as follows 



Ludgershall/WingravevAylesbury Raiders/Stone 

OvingvAylesbury Vale/Aylesbury Hornets 

Elmhurst/AVD SportsvSt Leonards/AFC Berryfields 

Thame/Stoke MandevillevFC Bierton/Haddenham Utd 


Prestwood/Aylesbury Vikings vWendover 

Rivets/Aylesbury RaidersvLey Hill/Elmhurst 

AVD Sports/Long MarstonvGt Missenden/Thame/Tetsworth 

Hale Leys/Stoke MandevillevF C Aristocrat/AWFC 

Free Weeks 

13-11-21  TetsworthTetsworth Reserves 

20-11-21 FC Bierton, Great Missenden 

27-11-21 FC Aristocrat 


Failure to play 

02-10-21 - AFC Berryfields Vs Thame B. Game awarded to Thame B (Cup game)   RULE 20 (E) (i)  £50 


Missing Results 

16th October - Ludgershall no result ever received          RULE 21 B - £10 

16th October - Rivets Sports - late result after 6pm         RULE 21 B £10 


Late / Missing Team Sheets 

09th Oct.  If not received after 21 days £50 fine rule 21 A  

  • Wendover Firsts - Teamsheet still not received  fined £50 rule 21A failure to respond to email from fixtures secretary within 7 days fine £10 rule 6(l) 

  • Ludgerhall Utd - Teamsheetreceived  after 21 days fined £50 rule 21A 

  • Stoke Mandeville Firsts -  Teamsheet received after 21 days fined £50 rule 21A 

  • Prestwood Res -  Teamsheet received  after 21 days fined £50 rule 21A 

  • Stoke Mandeville Reserves - Teamsheetreceived after 21 days fined £50 rule 21A 

16th Oct 

  • AVD Sports  (Not by Monday)  Rule 21 A £10 

  • Wendover Reserves (Not by Monday) £10 

  • Wendover Firsts (Not by Monday)   £10 

  • Prestwood Res (not by Monday)   £10 

  • Ludgershall (10 days late)  RULE 21 A £30 

23rd Oct  

  • Rivets Reserves. Received 2 weeks late rule 21A £30 

  • Aylesbury Raiders  Received 2 weeks late rule 21A £30 

  • Wendover Res. Still not received  (£30 currently)  


30th Oct 

  • Wendover Res  (Still not received)  £30 currently) 

  • Aylesbury Raiders (Not by Monday) £10 

  • RIvets Sport Res (Not by Monday) £10 

  • Aylesbury Vale  Not by Monday) £10 


Ley Hill Vets only play Away games so agreed to pay the Pitch Fees Vs Ayles Vikings in Marsworth and Elmhurst in the FIeld Shield  


The MarsworthOving and Field Shield Cups are still not automated. 


Referees Secretary’s Report: 

Kevin is still desperately short of referees. If no referee is available for your game  

you will need to arrange for someone to ref the game. 

You can re-arrange the time of your match if the opposition are agreeable, to make  

It easier to get a referee.  However, you must liaise with Kevin Saw first. 

There are still spaces available in the CLUB ASSISTANTS Training evening on   

Nov 15 in Milton Keynes. 


Incorrect Teamsheets 

2 October 

Aylesbury Vikings res – late teamsheet,(2.20) no assistant fined £10 rule 20A, £5    

rule 23C 

Elmhurst – NO GK colour on team sheet fined £5 rule 21A 

St Leonards  incorrect club name, no shirt no.s on team sheet, not signed fined 

£5 rule 21A each offence 


9 October 

Bierton – no GK colours on team sheet fined £5 rule 21A 

Rivets Res. Late team sheet (14.28) fined £10 rule 20A 

Ludgershall Res. No first aider on team sheet fined £10 rule 25 


          16 October  

Thame B – no signature on team sheet fined £5 rule 21A 

St Leonards – wrong date (16.9.21) fined £5 rule 21A 

Aylesbury Vikings – no assistant named. Fined £5 rule 23C 


23 October 

Ludgershall Res. – no assistant named, no 1st aider named, late referee  

           confirmation fined £5 rule 23C, £10 rule 25, £5 rule 21A 

Prestwood late referee confirmation fined £5 rule 21A 

Aylesbury Vikings – no assistant named fined £5 rule 23C 

Wendover Res. Late confirmation to ref. fined £5 rule 21A 

Wingrave Devel. Late confirmation to ref. fined £5 rule 21A 

Aylesbury Hornets – team name incorrect on sheet fined £5 rule 21A 

St Leonards – wrong date on team sheet (23.9) fined £5 rule 21A 


30 October 

St Leonards – wrong team name on team sheet fined £5 rule 21A 


Press/Results Secretary’s Report: 

There are lots of pictures going on to social media, thanks for all the teams who are  

sending in information 



Any Other Business 

The committee have been notified of the death of Dave McCardle, who was a local       

football stalwart.  Our sympathies go to his family. 

 Kick Off times have changed since the switch to winter time – 2.00 p.m. for league   

           games, 1.30 for cup games 

One Minute silence to be observed on 13 November 


The meeting closed at 8.50 p.m.  The next meeting was arranged for 1 December 2021 





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