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ADL Committee Minutes - Sept 2021

Minutes of the meeting of Aylesbury and District Football League Committee held at  

7.00 p.m. on Wednesday 1 September 2021 at The Tennis Club, Aylesbury 


Present: Rice,   K Dunnings, Mrs M Harrison, A Skeggs, R Small, Mrs M Stevens.                              

Apologies:   M Griffin, T Munt, N Sabatini, K Saw, Thoday. 


The Minutesof the meeting of 4 August were agreed 


Matters Arising:  

The newest version of the rules are on-line. 

The “Idiot’s Guide”has been sent out to all clubs. 



  The Lipscombe Family would like to present an award “The Richard Lipscombe Memorial Award” which will be given annually to the club that has the highest Sportsmanship points. 

The FA have sent out guidance notes for the forthcoming season: 

   1. On field adaptions for playing football are no longer required. 
2. No limits of how many people can meet. 
3. One metre plus rule removed. 
4. The definition of close contact remains the same, however the rules on self-isolation will be changing from 16 August. 
5. Face coverings no longer required by law, but recommended in crowded indoor settings and may be mandated by some clubs or facility providers. 
6. Changing rooms can be used, however participants should use their own judgement and minimise use where possible to avoid close contact in a crowded area for a prolonged time.  
7. No capacity limits for spectators but good practice is encouraged. 
8. Hospitality is permitted without restrictions. 
9. NHS Test and Trace QR codes not required by law but encouraged. 
10. Free NHS lateral flow testing is available to clubs and we encourage clubs to take this up. 
11. No domestic travel restrictions. Participants should continue to follow Government advice on international travel for any fixtures/ tournaments. 

The ADL Committee would like to add the advice that water bottles should not be shared and PPE for first aiders should be used


Next meeting we will discuss the outstanding fines for the AGM, Preseason meeting & registrations 


Registration Secretary’s Report 

        The registration form has been amended, but there is information missing from the bottom,             

         which needs to be adjusted. i.e. other clubs registered with and last season’s clubs. 

         All clubs are now registered but there have been many issues with WGS.  All teams that  

         have a paper copy of a player to Marcie 7 days before their game can play that player, but she      

         needs to be informed that it has not been possible to put the player on WGS. 

         If a player has been suspended they need to contact Berks and Bucks, not Marcie, as B & B 

         deal with it. 

         Due to issues with WGS emergency registrations on match day (paper copies) must be with  

         Marcie  by 6.30 p.m. on the following Monday so she can confirm she has received themso  

         teams can then insert their team sheet by 6.30 p.m. on the Wednesday.  Failure to ensure this           process will result in the appropriate fines rule 11a/c 


Marc will check the team sheets on Wednesday, 6.30 p.m. 


Fixtures Secretary’s Report             
              All September Fixtures are on Full time and the Website 


All clubs should receive Fixture Reminders on Sunday morning not Monday evening now via full time. Clubs should check their contact details are correct, if they aren’t receiving them please update WGS or contact The B&B 

Contact details are all on the as a back up 


Clubs will get their result SMS text during the game as long as they’ve updated WGS correctly. Please email Marc on Saturday if this doesn’t occur. (If so to avoid a fine clubs can text him the result and he will manually input it to Full time)  


All Clubs should check they can log into FA Fulltime to complete their team sheets 

Can ALL clubs record their goal scorers and the minutes their goals were scored when they complete this. 

County Cup fixtures will be out soon for the B&B and the first games are scheduled 9th October  

Those Clubs using a Council Pitch if they can email their proposed pitch for games as full time can be updated to this is Fairford Leys, Edinburgh Playing fields, Bedgrove.  

Cup draws have been made and published, Cup semi final and final dates have been requested. 


Referees Secretary’s Report 

          The green referees copies of match day reports will be checked by Kevin. 



All county cup fixtures officials should now be appointed by league referees’ secretaries, up to the q/f stage. 

All County Cup postponements will now take place 14 days later, as opposed to the previous 7. 

A full entry list is to be sent to League Secretaries by the B&B FA 

ALL abandoned fixtures to be sent to the B&B FA by the League Secretary stating why, for any up-dates to be made. 

Whilst Kevin is away on Saturday 18/25 September to October 2nd, Kevin Dunnings will be fielding any referees’ issues. 

There are only 17 referees listed, most of whom are NOT available every week, which is insufficient for every fixture prior to Christmas. As previously stated, teams may well have to source their own referees this season. 

Only 3 of the 14 names submitted to the B&B FA followed through for the referee’s course commencing on Wednesday 1st September, and one of these is only 15 years of age, too young to undertake adult football. 


Press/Results Secretary’s Report 

Please can Secretaries ask their Managers & Players to follow the Facebook and Twitter Pages  

Clubs can text or WhatsApp or Facebook Message their results and scorers on match days.  

Clubs are reminded to send match action photos or a team pic of their squad and a match report before 6pm Sunday. 

Rules, Club contacts, Refs details are all on the website, all contacts should check they are correct.  


Any Other Business 

We are not currently represented on the Berks and Bucks Board 

Elmhurst are the only club who have not got their match balls. 


The meeting closed at 8.40 p.m. 

The next meeting was arranged for 6 October 2021. 

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