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ADL Committee Minutes - Nov 2018


Minutes of the meeting of Aylesbury and District Football League Committee held at

7.30 p.m. on Wednesday 7 November 2018 at Aylesbury Tennis Club

Present: P Rice,  R Lipscombe, M Pollard, K Saw, T Skeggs, R Small, Mrs M Stevens, A Swain,  M Thoday, T Munt.

Apologies N Sabatini, Mrs M Harrison I Macleod,

The Minutes: of the meeting of 3 October were accepted, however Tom Munt had sent in his apologies, but this had not been minuted.

Matters Arising:

The game between AW and Prestwood was not played because of a communication issue.  The Committee decided that there was no fault on the part of Prestwood so they decided the game would be replayed and their fine refunded. 

The President’s Cup was displayed to the Committee.

The cups from Aylesbury Dynamos 2017/2018 team have now been returned.

County could offer no advice on GDPR, so our privacy policy will be put on the website and details of teams and referees as before.

Haddenham have appealed their fine for an incomplete teamsheet as the info is not needed on the full-time system. The appeal was dismissed.

Fairford Leys resignation from the League has been accepted, their players are now free to re-sign for other clubs.

J O’Conners pitches – need to be booked by midnight on Wednesday and cancelled if necessary by 10a.m. Wednesday before the Saturday.

There has been a complaint by John O’Conners about one of their changing rooms being damaged – this is being investigated and a response awaited. The Chairman has also been asked to investigate a team moving pitches at Bedgrove on Saturday 3rd November.


A complaint has been received from Tetsworth, which has been dealt with.

Berks and Bucks held a meeting for referees concerning sin bins for dissent, which will come into operation next season.  Kevin and Tom attended.

St Johns have cleared space in the Referees Changing room.

Registration Secretary’s Report           

 Clubs need to follow the correct transfer process and not ask for transfers to be put through as a notice of approach  as they are bypassing the correct process 


Peter kingsman from Wendover to Rivets

Mohammed Nasar from Elmhurst to Blue Bucks

Troy Bailey-Goss from Rivets to Thame

Stephen Lindsey from Rivets to Bedgrove Dynamos

Craig Beale from Rivets to Bedgrove Dynamos

Leon Salter from Rivets to Bedgrove Dynamos

Matt Wiles from Tetswortth to Thame

James Hollihead from Aylesbury Dynamos to Rivets

Marc Kelly from Rivets to Stoke Mandeville

Alex Woodfine left Tring Corries to sign for Thame, since has gone to Risborough Rangers.

Daniel Lynn left Aston Clinton to sign for Bedgrove United.

Jamie Carter left Risborough Rangers to sign for Bedgrove United.

Received permission letters from all clubs.

St Johns have updated team sheets on full time but still missing 22nd September.

20th October Bedgrove Dynamos res still no team sheet on full time.

27th October Aylesbury Raiders and Quainton Res and Bedgrove United 1st late team sheets on full time.

Fixtures Secretary’s Report

Requests for free weeks :

 1 December  Long Marston res. Stoke Mandeville

8 December St Johns

 22 December AW


 Incomplete Teamsheets


 Wingrave res no colours fined £10 rule 10B


 Haddenham no colours fined £10 rule 10B


 Waddesdon – no colours fined £10 rule 10B


 Thame FC – no first aider, no club assist. No sign off, no printed name  Fined £10 rule 10B

 Wingrave res. No club assist fined £10 rule 10b

 Bedgrove Dynamos Res no club name fined £10 rule10B

 Rivets res. No colours fined £10 rule 10B

 Stoke Mandeville no club assist fined £10 rule 10B


 Haddenham  No 1st Aider, Fined £10 rule 10B

 Bedgrove Utd res. No colours fined £10 rule 10B


 Elmhurst – no club assist, no official signature  fined £10 rule 10B

 Rivets res no colours fined £10 rule 10B

 Bedgrove Dynamos Res no club name fined £10 rule 10B

 Whilst Full Time does not require all the information on the team sheet, all sections still need to be completed as the information is required by the league.

 As more clubs have done well in cup games, they may have to play some evening games to complete their fixtures

 Referees Secretary’s Report

 Thanks were extended to Kevin for checking pitches to ensure they were playable.

 13 October referee was not given his match fee by Spandits.

 Bedgrove Dynamos need to clear their referees changing room.

 Kevin is still looking for referees.

 Under rule 13H it is necessary for a team to send a report to Kevin for a mark under 50 that they give a ref.

 The ADL wish to send their condolences to Referee Jeremy Moodey for the recent tragic loss of his son.  Our thoughts are with his family.

 Press/Results Secretary’s Report

 Marc has now started to get photographs and is putting them in the local paper. The photos also go on our Facebook page and the Aylesbury and District news page

 The website now has an archive of the last two years’ tables

 Any Other Business

 Tom had suggested a social event for all clubs, but it was felt that as there has been very little rwsponse in the past for the presentation evening, the event would not be well-attended.

 Dates for next season were put forward:

 AGM week commencing 10 or 17 June 2019

 Interview new clubs the week before that

 Closing date for all applications 31 May 2019

 Pre-Season meeting week commencing 5 August 2019

 The meeting closed at 9.00. The next meeting was arranged for Wednesday 5December 2018.


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