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ADL Committee Minutes - Sept 18


Minutes of the meeting of Aylesbury and District Football League Committee held at

7.30 p.m. on Wednesday 5 September 2018 at Aylesbury Tennis Club



Present: P Rice, , R Lipscombe, I Macleod, M Pollard, N Sabatini, K Saw, T Skeggs, R Small, Mrs M Stevens, A Swain, M Thoday, T Munt (President).



Apologies Mrs M Harrison


The Minutes: of the meeting of 1 September were accepted.




Matters Arising:


The Tom Sparks Cup is still called that online.  Richard has tried to change it to the President’s Cup on Full-time, but is waiting for it to be approved by the FA.


It was asked that the FA delete the link to New Full Time, which is confusing for teams.






Steph Clark of Berks and Bucks  is updating the staff/team information on the B & B FA website, but it is not yet complete.


She is liaising with Alastair about the league’s position re: misconduct cases and information for clubs.


Steph has also informed us that there is no need to publish details of referees on the website, as it is available to the secretary on WGS and Full-Time.


Alastair replied to issues raised at our EGM, these have been circulated to clubs.


Great Milton have received an email from Berks and Bucks, informing them of the legal situation regarding misconduct charges.


Our President has made a suggestion about a social event, which will be discussed at the next meeting.



Registration Secretary’s Report           


There have been numerous queries by teams partly through WGS and partly because teams need to have players allocated to both first and reserve team.


Can any club that has problems with WGS or Player Registration please pass them to Marcie who will collate them and pass them to County to be resolved.  




Fixtures Secretary’s Report


The system is complicated and the FA have not been clear on what they have done, but clubs are managing.


Those clubs who are using council pitches, can they please write to John O’Conners and copy in Peter if they have problems with their pitches.  There may be a better response if they get several complaints, rather than one overall complaint from the league which is not dealt with speedily.


Free Week requests:


1st September – Bedgrove Utd 1st, Wingrave Reserves, Ludgershall 1st and Reserves


8 September- Bedgrove Utd reserves, APBS, FC Bierton, Waddesdon


15 September – Waddesdon


29 September- Bedgrove Dynamos 1st and Reserves, Aylesbury Raiders


6 October- Long Marston 1st


27 October – Wendover 1st, Bedgrove Dynamos 1st




If any team wants to have the weekend of 22 December off, they will need to have it as one of their free weeks.


 Referees Secretary’s Report


The meeting of 21st August was well attended with Chris Penny and Lisa Benn giving a presentation about the Sin Bin, which will be compulsory next season.


Referees seem to be doing what they are asked.


There have been questions asked about the change in the offside rule, referees have been informed of it, and it is up to them to interpret it and inform the assistant referees.


A presentation was made to Ken Lavender as the referee of the year by Peter Rice before the start of the Bedgrove Dynamos match.


Wendover are in the process of clearing out their referee’s changing room.


There are no local courses for referees this year, they all seem to be some distance away.


The Respect handshake is optional for the referees to implement.




Press/Results Secretary’s Report


The rules and transfer forms are online.


We can no longer publish details of referees online, teams should receive details on full time, if there are any queries the Referees Secretary, Kevin, should be contacted.


Club and team contacts will be sent to all the teams, it was felt not be appropriate to have them online because of GDPR.




Any Other Business


Fairford Leys were asked to attend the meeting at 8.45 p.m., but they failed to arrive.


There was a query as to why clubs should be called in to committee meetings at the end of the meeting, rather than the beginning.  This will be discussed at the next meeting.


Aylesbury Dynamos and Haddenham received trophies last year, they should be asked to return them.


A 14 year old was running the line at a match last weekend.  Assistant referees need to be 16 years old according to FA regulations.


Peter and Margaret met Lisa Welling in April with a view to having three workshops.  Alastair Kay gave the first at the EGM, but there was confusion and miscommunication about the other two, so they are not likely to go ahead.


 The meeting closed at 9.00.

The next meeting was arranged for Wednesday 3 October 2018.


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