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ADL Committee Minutes Aug 2018

Minutes of the meeting of Aylesbury and District Football League Committee held at

7.30 p.m. on Wednesday 1 August 2018 at Aylesbury Tennis Club

Present: P Rice, Mrs M Harrison, R Lipscombe, I Macleod, M Pollard, N Sabatini, K Saw, R Small, Mrs M Stevens, M Thoday.

Apologies T Skeggs, A Swain.

The Minutes: of the meeting of 4 July 2018 were accepted, however they were dated 4 June in error.

Matters Arising:


          1.  GDPR – 5 other leagues are producing traditional handbooks.  We have them online every other year, which should include 2018, but it was felt this may not be a good idea.  For this year it was agreed that we could give last year’s handbooks to the new clubs and hand out sheets with updates on rules etc. for all clubs, as there is no time to produce new handbooks.  Regarding GDPR it was suggested that we put in the sentence “By signing for ADL you are agreeing that ADL can hold your personal data for legitimate purposes”.


            2. There are three more referees courses to be held, but none in this area.


            3. Tom Munt will be sponsoring the President’s Cup, which was previously the Tom Sparks Cup. After speaking to Tom Sparks’ family it was agreed that as most players from his team no longer played and the club has folded, the cup would be returned to the family.


  We are looking for sponsors for the Sheffield Jackman Cup and the Reserve Cup.



1.    Steph Clark has emailed to say she is following up on the conversation we had with her at the last meeting, but at a slower pace than anticipated.


2.    An email has been received from Great Milton complaining about ADFL in general, and some members of the Committee in particular.


3.    AVDC pitch costs are now £80, an increase of £3.


Treasurer’s Report:


Expenditure – £200 - refund of deposit to Great Milton FC.

Income - £690.

Fines - £50

Entrance Fee - £40

Cup Fees - £100

Entrance Fees - £300

T/f from club deposit account - £200

Balance Carried Forward - £13,248


Registration Secretary’s Report           

 The season will start on 1 September, and all applications must be in the Sunday before this date.  They need to be entered on the WGS and a paper copy sent to Marcie. 

Alastair Kay will give a presentation at the 7 August meeting on how to register teams on WGS.

Team sheet books are not yet ready, Marcie will contact the supplier immediately, and perhaps find another printer if they are not yet available.  Three copies of each team sheet will be required this season.

 Fixtures Secretary’s Report

 The dates of the Cup Finals have been arranged for the Marsworth, Oving and County Cups.

 Berks and Bucks have redrafted the rules in the standard code, there are few changes of rules, just of where they are positioned.

 Some teams have complained of playing the same opposition consecutively, Richard has noted this

 Referees Secretary’s Report

 Kevin is arranging a referees meeting 21st August.

 He has requested a list of new and registered referees, and updates on the rules – but has not yet had a reply.

The referees’ marks have been calculated and the award will be made at the referees meeting.  Not all teams have been awarding marks, there is a fine if this does not happen.  For next season the referee mark will go on full time.

 It was suggested that a “rookie” shield be awarded to the best new referee, which was agreed, to start this September.

Press/Results Secretary’s Report

Marc needs information about the clubs and contacts for this year.  He will try to get items put on the Bucks Herald website and their Facebook Page as well as in the paper.

Any Other Business

1.    Can all teams check their grounds to make sure they are suitable for playing on 1 September.  With the current hot weather there are a lot of cracks in the ground.

 2.    A list of who to contact in case a team feels their pitch is unplayable will be given out at the EGM on 7 August.

 3.    It was suggested that cards be printed for those committee members who are often asked for details of phone number etc.

 4.    The details of the proposed Division set up will be sent out tomorrow (Thursday 2nd August) ready for Tuesday’s meeting.

 The meeting closed at 9.15. The next meeting was arranged for Wednesday 5 September.



 Income - £30 entry fee.

Balance Carried Forward - £5,101.






Semi Final


Marsworth Reserve Cup

Saturday 2 March

Monday 18 March 7.30

Marsworth Senior Cup

Saturday 9 March

Monday 25 March  7.30

President’s League Cup

Saturday 16 March

Monday 1 April  7.30

Reserve League Cup

Saturday 23 March

Monday 8 April  7.30

Sheffield Jackman Cup

Saturday 30 March

Monday 15 April  7.30

Thomas Field Shield

Saturday 6 April

Good Friday 19 April  10.45




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