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ADL Committee Minutes - Aug 2017

Minutes of the Meeting of Aylesbury & District Football League Committee

Held on 2 August 2017 at The Tennis Club, Wendover, Road, Aylesbury at 7.30 p.m.


PRESENT:  P Rice, Mrs M Harrison, R Lipscombe, M Pollard, K Saw, T Skeggs, R Small, Mrs M Stevens, M Thoday


APOLOGIES: were received from N Sabatini, A Swain

THE MINUTES: of the meeting of 5 July were approved.



 We have still not had a response from Berks and Bucks to our correspondence concerning Stone Utd. Margaret will write again.

 Thanks to Nigel Swain for his efforts in helping with Aylesbury FC to organize Danny Martone’s Memorial Day for next season.  There are likely to be four teams participating, including the ADFL premiership winners at the end of the season.

 Joe Kitchen has been in touch with Marc about the website.  Marc has replied to the email but no further action has yet been taken.

 The Long Crendon v New Zealand Game has been declared void with no points awarded as per rule F.

 The premiership trophy for 2016-17 will be awarded to the secretary of Aylesbury Dynamos at the Special General Meeting on 10 August.  Long Crendon are runners-up.  Mark Griffin of Aylesbury Dynamos email is This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it., not as previously printed.



 The Bell, Tring, have withdrawn from the league.

 The League extend their sympathies to the family of ex-Haddenham player Paul Cruikshank, who collapsed and died recently after a game at Brill. 



 Monthly Figures - League

Balance Brought Forward  13,113


 AGM Expenses  48


 Fines   235


 Balance Carried Forward  13,300


 Invoices for League and Cup fees have been sent out.

    Payment is needed by 10 August – 6 clubs have paid to date

 The handbook is ready for printing.



 Marcie has only received the registrations of four teams through the Whole Game System. It is likely that other teams believe they have registered, but have not sent their registration through correctly.  Only Oving, New Zealand, Aylesbury Dynamos and Ayletico have registered.



Oving have asked for a free date in September,

Tetsworth have asked for a free date in September and one in October.

FC Spandits have asked for an away game the 2nd week of October.



The Referees Shield will be presented at the Referees meeting on 16 August.

Some referees have not received their email from Kevin asking for their availability, he will contact those from whom he has not had a reply. 



There is now an ADL facebook page which can be seen, but comments cannot be put on it by players.  It is hoped that it will contain useful information about the league.

Council pitches are now £77.  Users need to register ( and if they send Vivienne Lucas  01296 397231, This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it., a copy of their Berks and Bucks affiliation insurance they can avoid the £2.50 extra per game.



 The Special General Meeting is to be held on 10 August at The Ex-Services Club at 7.30pm, attendance by a member of each club is compulsory. 

 Ayletico were interviewed by the Committee and were welcomed into the league – subject to a vote on 10 August.

The Draws for various cups were made, these are below.


The meeting closed at 9.20 p.m and the next meeting was arranged for 6 September 2017 when representatives from New Zealand FC have been asked to attend.


Field Shield Monthly figures

Balance brought forward   £4930


Sponsorship          £400

Entry Fee  £30

Balance carried forward   £5360 



 Reserve Cup

1st Round


Tetsworth Reserves    v Ludgershall Reserves

Long Marston Reserves   v Wingrave Reserves

Oving Reserves    v Bedgrove Dynamos Reserves

Bucks CC Reserves    v Bedgrove United Reserves

Wendover Reserves   v Haddenham Reserves


Bye Aylesbury Dynamos Reserves,  Quainton Reserves,   Rivets Sports Reserves


2nd Round

Quainton Reserves    v Wendover Res/Haddenham Res.

Long Marston Res/ Wingrave Res   v Bucks CC Res/Bedgrove United Res

Oving Res/Bedgrove Dynamos Res  v Aylesbury Dynamos Reserves

Tetsworth Res/Ludgershall Res  v Rivets Sports Reserves


Sheffield Jackman Cup


1st Round

Bedgrove Wanderers   v Bedgrove Dynamos

Long Marston    v Bedgrove United

Ludgershall     v Rivets

St Johns     v Bucks Blue

Tetsworth     v Ayletico

Aylesbury Raiders    v Oving

F C Spandits     v F C Bierton


Bye  Great Milton


2nd Round Sheffield Jackman


Long  Marston/Bedgrove United  v Ludgershall/Rivets

Great Milton     v Bedgrove Wanderers/Bedgrove Dynamos

F C Spandits/FC Bierton   v St Johns/Bucks Blue

Aylesbury Raiders/Oving   v Tetsworth/Ayletico


Field Shield

Round 1


Oving      v Bucks Blue

New Zealand     v Quainton

Bedgrove Wanderers   v Ludgershall

Aylesbury Raiders    v Ayletico

FC Bierton     v  Long Marston

Bucks CC     v Wingrave

Bedgrove Dynamos    v Tetsworth



APBS,   Aylesbury Dynamos,    AFC Amersham,   Great Missenden

Elmhurst,    Haddenham,    Prestwood,    Bedgrove United,   Rivets


Round 2

Aylesbury Dynamos    v Rivets

Aylesbury Raiders/Ayletico   v Great Missenden

Bedgrove Wanderers/Ludgershall  v Oving/Bucks Blue

AFC Amersham    v New Zealand/Quainton

F C Bierton/Long Marston   v Elmhurst

Bedgrove Dynamos/Tetsworth  v Bucks CC/Wingrave

Haddenham     v APBS

Prestwood     v Bedgrove United


Tom Sparkes Cup

Round 1

APBS      v Great Milton

Ayletico     v Bucks Blue

Bedgrove Dynamos Reserves  v Tetsworth Reserves

Long Marston Reserves   v Wingrave Reserves

Bucks CC Reserves    v Wingrave

F C Bierton     v F C Spandits

Elmhurst     v Wendover Reserves

Bedgrove United Reserves   v Long Marston

Bucks CC     v Aylesbury Raiders

Haddenham     v Ludgershall

Aylesbury Dynamos    v Tetsworth

Bedgrove Dynamos    v Oving

Bedgrove United    v Rivets Reserves

Quainton     v Wendover

Waddesdon Vs Bedgrove Wanderers

Bye     New Zealand 



NB: Please note when requesting a free date, none will be allowed on 

       any of the dates listed below  



Sheffield Jackman  S/F 10/3/2018  Final Mon   26/3/2018 

Thomas Field Shield S/F 17/3/2018  Final Friday 30/3/2018 

Marsworth Senior  S/F 24/3/2018  Final Mon    9/4/2018 

Reserve League Cup  S/F 31/3/2018  Final Mon  16/4/2018 

Marsworth Reserve S/F  7/4/2018  Final Mon   23/4/2018 

Tom Sparkes  S/F 14/4/2018  Final Mon   30/4/2018 



Saturday Intermediate Cup  

Prelim Round 16/9/2017 

Round One  14/10/2017 

Round Two  18/11/2017 

Round Three 16/12/2017 

Round Four   13/01/2018 

Quarter Final 10/02/2018 

Semi-Final  10/03/2018 


Saturday Junior Cup 

Round One  23/9/2017 

Round Two  21/10/2017 

Round Three 25/11/2017 

Round Four  20/01/2018 

Quarter Final 17/02/2018 

Semi Final  17/03/2018


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