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ADL Committee Minutes - March 2016

Minutes of the meeting of Aylesbury and District Football League Committee held at 7.30 p.m. on Wednesday 2 March 2016 At Bucks CC Sports and Social Club

Present: P Rice, Mrs M Harrison, M Pollard, N Sabatini, K Saw, T Skeggs, Mrs M Stevens, M Thoday.

Apologies were received from D Bayliss, R Small, A Swain

The Minutes: of the meeting of February were agreed.

Matters Arising: 

Peter’s landline is now working.

It is believed that Bedgrove Dynamos are training on Bedgrove pitches, on a Saturday morning. We have been asked by AVDC to make them aware of any unauthorised training on council pitches at this time.

Trophies should have been handed in by now. 

Carl Morton has signed for Elmhurst, whilst Mark Wiltshire has signed for Bucks CC.


Quainton have requested a free weekend on 26 March, which is when the Sheffield Jackman Cup semi-final is to be played, so consequently want the fixture on another date. 

The Committee are unable to grant them a free week, but will find out if it is possible their tie could be switched.   Tring Town have a temporary secretary, Adam Meager  This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. 

With both New Zealand, and Tring Town writing to the Committee about their opponents, both Kevin and Peter have been trying to locate the referee, without success.  Investigations are continuing.

Treasurer’s Report:

Monthly Figures - League    

Balance From Previous Month             15,299 


mileage       17   

expenses     24       41.00


Fines       105   

Photo ID Cards       30  135.00

Balance Carried Forward                        15,393 

Fines Outstanding

Pond Park  £15 – cheque incorrectly made out

WCW   £40

The Kennedy £40

Registration Secretary’s Report

The deadline for transfers has now passed


Michael Casling from FC Mandeville to Ludgershall 

Ian Chiarello from New Zealand to Wingrave. 

Brad Bennett from Kennedy to Bedgrove Dynamos. 

Kumar Hamid from Elmhurst to Walton Court Wanderers. 

Ryan Short from Waddesdon to APBS 

9th January 

Late team sheet from Quainton reserves now received £10 fine  rule 11A

16th January 

Late team sheets 

The Kennedy not received £50 fine rule 11A

No ref mark from Great Milton. £5 fine rule 13H

23rd January 

Late team sheets 

Quainton res now received £10 fine   rule 11A 

Wendover res now received £10 fine  rule 11A. 

Great Milton now received £10 fine  rule 11A. 

The Kennedy not received  £50 fine rule 11A. 

No ref mark from New Zealand £5 fine rule 13H. 

30th January 

Late team sheet from Elmhurst received 13th February  fine £30 rule 11A. 

6th February 

Late team sheet  

The Kennedy not received £50 fine rule 11A

13th February 

Late team sheets 

Wendover res now received £10 fine   rule 11A. 

Waddesdon 1st 

The Kennedy 

20th February 

Late team sheets 

Aylesbury Dynamos received £10 fine  rule 11A. 

Elmhurst not received 

Waddesdon 1st not received 

Great Milton received 2nd March Registration secretary had to collect from post office no postage paid - had to pay £2. £10 fine plus £2 postage  rule 11A

27th February 

No team sheet from The Kennedy.

Fixtures Secretary’s Report

February 6  

Tring Town late team sheet to official – fined £10 rule 11A

Great Milton - no linesman – fined £5 rule 13C

Tring town Res - late payment to official  - fine £10  Rule13E

February 13

WCW v APBS – no match fee offered before the game – home team fined £10 rule.13 e  

February 27 Great Milton v Rivets Sports Reserves  Postponed Great Milton had 6 players

March 26 – Ludgershall  request no home fixture

March 26 – Quainton request free week – refused due to participation in Sheffield Jackman cup (being discussed by committee following an appeal).

April 9 - FC Spandits request free week for first team - agreed

May 7 – APBS request free week, committee agreed. 

Rivets reserves are requesting three officials for league game against Quainton if it is a title decider in division three. 

Referees Secretary’s Report

There is a referees course due to be held in September, the dates have not yet been finalised.  Please contact Kevin as soon as possible if you are interested.

Kevin and Peter are to attend a meeting on 21 March regarding referees insurance.

Feb 20- New Zealand did not put their no. 10 player on the team sheet – fined £10 rule 10B

Press/Results Secretary’s Report

27 February

Waddesdon did not send in a result  fourth offence  fined £50  rule 11B

Bucks CC Reserves did not send in a result  third offence fined £50 rule 11B

Any Other Business

* It has been noted that there are several comments on social media concerning clubs in the league.  While it is not possible to deal with any club/individual not involved with ADFL, can secretaries please warn their club members not to post anything.  If there are any issues, these need to be brought to the attention of the Committee by writing to the secretary.

* The League Presentation Evening is to be held on Friday 20 May

* AGM will be on Wednesday  29th June Ex-servicemen's Club Aylesbury. 

* Pre-season  meeting Thursday 11th August Ex-servicemen's Club Aylesbury.

* A representative from Berks and Bucks FA will be attending the next meeting, if anyone has questions, please forward them before that date.

The meeting closed at 8.50

The next meeting was arranged for Wednesday 6 April 2016 


Field Shield

Treasurers Report

Brought Forward  5,046

Mileage for appeal       29

Carried Forward  5,017


Following an appeal by Thame Rangers concerning two of their players who were ineligible to play in the Field Shield, the appeal was not upheld.

The Committee of the Field Shield were advised that they need to publish the rules of the tournament on the website in future.

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