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February Fixtures 19-20

February 1st 2020        
John Fathers Shield 1/4 Final   Vs   1330:KO
Tetsworrth 0   4 Chequers
Marsworth Senior Cup 1/4 Final       1330:KO
AVD Bedgrove Dynamos 3 Vs 1 FC Bierton
Elmhurst 9 Vs 1 Bedgrove Utd
Stoke Mandeville   (5-6 pens) 1 Vs 1 Stewkley
Sheffield Jackman Cup 1/4 Final       13:30KO
Ludgershall 1 Vs 4 AVD Devlopment
Thomas Field Shield 1/4 Final       13:30KO
APBS 2 Vs 1 Great Missenden
Long Marston 3 Vs 0 Tring Corries Dev
Marsworth Reserve 1/4 Final        
Stewkley Res 3 Vs 2 Stoke Mandeville Res
Premier Division       1400:KO
Ayletio 1 Vs 5 Rivets Sports
Prestwood 2 Vs 2 Wendover 
Division One       KO 14:00
Bedgrove Utd Res 1 Vs 0 AWFC
FC Titans 3 Vs 1 Wendover Res
Quainton  3 Vs 3 Aylesbury Raiders
Rivets Sports Res 1 Vs 3 Wingrave
Division Two       KO 14:00
AFC Berryfields 7 Vs 2 Aylesbury Vale
Haddenham Utd Res 3 Vs 1 Prestwood Res
Stone Utd 1 Vs 7 Tetsworth Res
Thame FC 6 Vs 1 St Johns
Wingrave Res 4 Vs 2 Ludgershall Res
February 8th        
Premier Division       1400:KO
Bedgrove Utd 2 Vs 2 Tetsworth
Elmhurst 7 Vs 1 Rivets Sports 
Haddenham Utd 2 Vs 2 Ayletico
Wendover 3 Vs 4 APBS
Division One       1400:KO
FC Bierton 6 Vs 0 Wendover Res
FC Titans 3 Vs 7 Great Missenden
Ludgershall 1 Vs 3 AWFC
Oving 2 Vs 2 Aylesbury Raiders
Rivets Sports Res 3 Vs 4 Bedgrove Utd Res
Tring Corries Dev 7 Vs 2 Quainton
Wingrave 4 Vs 3 Stoke Mandeville
Division Two       1400:KO
AVD Development 3 Vs 4 Thame FC
Aylesbury Vale 1 vs 5 Long Marston Res
Prestwood Res 6 Vs 0 Ludgershall Res
Quainton Res 1 Vs 8 Haddenham Utd Res
St Johns 4 Vs 4 Stone Utd
Stoke Mandeville Res 7 Vs 2 Wingrave Res
Tetsworth Res 2 Vs 2 AFC Berryfields
February 15th 2020        
Herts Junior Cup 1/4 Final       1330:KO
Croxley Green   P Vs  P Long Marston 
Premier Division       1400:KO
Bedgrove Utd  P Vs  P Rivets Sports 
Prestwood   P Vs  P  APBS
Wendover   P  Vs   P Elmhurst
Division One       KO 14:00
Aylesbury Raiders  5 Vs  1 Wendover Res
FC Bierton  3 Vs  3  AWFC
Rivets Sports Res  4 Vs  0 Ludgershall 
Stoke Mandeville   P Vs  P Oving
Tring Corries Dev  P Vs  P Great Missenden
Wingrave   8 Vs  2 Quainton
Division Two       KO 14:00
Aylesbury Vale  1 Vs  9 AVD Devlopment
Haddenham Utd Res (at Thame)  1 Vs  2 Thame FC
Long Marston Res  P Vs  P  Stoke Mandeville Res
Ludgershall Res  2 Vs  6  Wingrave Res
Quainton Res  P  Vs  P Stone Utd
St Johns  P Vs  P AFC Berryfields
Tetsworth Res  P Vs  P Prestwood Res
February 22nd        
B&B Junior Cup Semi Final       KO 13:30
Hanslope Res  0 Vs   1 Great Missenden
Herts Junior Cup Quarter Final       KO 13:30
Croxley Green  1 Vs  3 Long Marston
Premier Division       14:00 KO
APBS  3 Vs  1 Haddenham Utd
Ayletico  1 Vs  0 Bedgrove Utd
Elmhurst  3 Vs  3 Tetsworth 
Division One       1400:KO
Bedgrove Utd Res  4 Vs  1 Aylesbury Raiders
FC Bierton  P Vs  P Tring Corries Dev
Oving  1 Vs  4 Quainton
Rivets Sports Res  2 Vs  0 AWFC
Wendover Res  P Vs  P Stoke Mandeville 
Wingrave   2 Vs  1 FC Titans 
Division Two       1400:KO
AFC Berryfields  2 Vs  0 St Johns
AVD Development  8 Vs  1 Stone Utd
Haddenham Utd Res  P Vs  P Wingrave Res
Ludgershall Res  2 Vs  5 Thame FC
Quainton Res  3 Vs  2 Long Marston Res
Stoke Mandeville Res  0 Vs  1 Prestwood Res
Tetsworth Res  P Vs  P Aylesbury Vale
February 29th        
Marsworth Res Cup Semi Final       KO 13:30
Stewkley Res  P Vs   P Long Marston Res
Tetsworth Res  P Vs  P Bedgrove Utd Res
Wycombbe Junior Cup       KO 13:30
Penn & Tylers Dev  P Vs  P Great Missenden
Premier Division       14:00 KO
Haddenham Utd  P Vs  P Elmhurst
Long Marston  P Vs  P APBS
Prestwood  P Vs  P Ayletico
Tetsworth   P Vs  P Wendover
Division One       1400:KO
FC Bierton (at Stone Rec)   Vs   Rivets Sports Res
Ludgershall    Vs   Wingrave 
Quainton  P Vs  P Stoke Mandeville
Tring Corries Dev  P Vs  P Aylesbury Raiders
Wendover Res  P Vs  P FC Titans
Division Two       1400:KO
AVD Development  P Vs  P Ludgershall Res
Aylesbury Vale  P Vs  P AFC Berryfields
St Johns  P Vs  P Prestwood Res
Stoke Mandeville Res  P Vs  P Stone Utd
Wingrave Res  P Vs  P Thame FC


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