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ADL Committee Minutes - April 2014

Minutes of the meeting of Aylesbury and District Football League Executive Committee held on Wednesday 2 April 2014 At Bucks CC Sports and Social Club

Present: P Rice, M. Dobson, Mrs M Harrison, M Pollard, N Sabatini, T Skeggs, K Saw, Mrs M Stevens, M Thoday.

Apologies: D Bayliss, S Howard, A Swain

The Minutes: of the meeting of 4 March were accepted.

Matters Arising:

  • The League has been told we are Local League Grass Roots Football, not part of the football pyramid.
  • Berkhamsted 3G pitch is no longer available mid-week.
  • There has not been any response from the FA to our letter concerning the lack of uniformity in telling leagues about suspended players. Peter and Margaret will meet to discuss this.
  • For insurance reasons a representatives match cannot be played unless the Rep squad is separately affiliated.
  • One club has registered their disappointment at the proposed increase in ID card charges.


  • Steve Britzman is now the manager of Bedgrove Dynamos Reserves, email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it., Mobile 07544 587 091
  • Wingrave have reported a theft from their changing rooms.
  • Aylesbury Wanderers have a prospective new manager

Treasurer’s Report:

Monthly Figures - League  

Balance From Previous Month                            14,401

EXPENDITURE                                                         3,483

Telephone                                                     10

Postage                                                          3  

Trophies                                                   3,470      

INCOME                                                                               185

Fines                                                             75

Photo ID Cards                                            110

Balance Carried Forward                                            11,103


Field Shield

Balance Brought Forward                                         £5,074


Trophies                                                       476

Balance Carried Forward                                          £4,598



Reserve Cup Final gate                 349

Outstanding Fines/Photo ID

A C Meadowcroft                 25.00

Ex-Services                           5.00

Haddenham                          2.50

Long Marston                       7.50

New Zealand                                    5.00

Pond Park Rangers             2.50

Waddesdon                          5.00

Walton Court                                    5.00

Wendover                              17.50

As the teams listed have not paid or contacted the Treasurer, a fine of £5 has been incurred.

Registration Secretary’s Report

01.02.14 Late teamsheet from Downley 1st and Bedgrove Dynamos 1st team £10 fine each team

08.02.14 Late teamsheet from FC Spandits res                                                      £10 fine

22.02.14 Late teamsheet from FC Spandits 1st and res, Great Milton 1st and res,

Bedgrove Utd res, WCW.                                                                                             £10 fine each team

Bedgrove Utd 1st team no ref mark or name.                                                           £10 fine

1.3.14 late teamsheet from A.P.R, Downley 1st,                                                    £10 fine each club

           late teamsheet ( 2 weeks) Waddesdon 1st                                                   £30 fine

            Bedgrove Utd 1st no ref mark or name                                                         £5 fine

8.3.14 Bedgrove Utd 1st no ref mark or name                                                         £5 fine

         late teamsheet AC Meadowcroft, Elmhurst                                                    £10 fine each club

15.3.14 Bedgrove Dynamos - team sheet not received                                        £50 fine

         Bedgrove Utd 1st no ref mark or name                                                           £5 fine

         late teamsheet Great Milton 1st                                                                      £10 fine

22.3.14 Waddesdon teamsheet not received                                                          £50 fine

29.3.14 late teamsheet Northchurch                                                                        £10 fine

           Ayl Ex services, AC Meadowcroft team sheets not received                     £50 fine each club

Stone Magnets played an ineligible player                                                  £25 fine

ALL clubs are asked to bring their Photo ID booklets to the AGM, where they will be’ spot-checked’ by a Committee Member

Fixtures Secretary’s Report

All cup matches are on target.

League games will be published as soon as the semifinalists for the TSL are known, and the date of the TFS is confirmed.

Cancelled matches

08 March 2014 Northchurch v Bierton FC Wanderers Reserves -Bierton unable to field a team

                                    Match awarded to Northchurch                          Bierton fined £25

22 March 2014 Waddesdon Reserves v PIC United  P & I C unable to field a team

                                    Match awarded to Waddesdon Reserves              P & IC fined £25

29 March 2014 Waddesdon Reserves v Quainton Reserves Match awarded to Quainton reserves

Waddesdon fined £25 for not fielding a team, £35 referee fee, £10 for failing to inform the opposition, £10 for failing to inform the referee, plus costs for Quainton travelling to the fixture.

29 March 2014 Brill United v Ludgershall Reserves Ludgershall unable to field a team

                                    Match awarded to Brill           Ludgershall reserves fines £25

Aylesbury Ex-services v Churchill Arms no result  Aylesbury Ex-services fined £10

AFC Victoria v Bucks CC  AFC Victoria did not confirm the game fined £10

Referees Secretary’s Report

The average score for referees is 78.2, with only one with an average of less than 70. David Kelly is currently the top referee.

A report has been received from one club regarding their low score for the referee on Saturday’s game.

Press/Results Secretary’s Report

Mitoo has changed its format, it is now possible to get an app to follow a team in the league, but it has created more difficulties with putting information on the web about all clubs in the league

Late results

8th March       Bierton Res vs Long Marston Res                                    £10 fine

Churchill Arms vs Quainton Res                                     £10 fine

15th March   Great Milton Vs Ludgershall                                             £10 fine

Bedgrove Utd Res vs AC Meadowcroft                            £10 fine

22nd March   Quainton vs Long Crendon - received past cut off        £20 fine

Great Milton Res Vs Churchill Arms                                £10 fine

Tring Titans Res vs Ayles Ex Services                            £10 fine

Tring Titans vs Northchurch                                              £10 fine

Bierton vs Bucks CC                                                           £10 fine

Bucks CC Res vs FC Spandits Res         no result received

28th March   Quainton vs Haddenham Res                                          £10 fine

New Zealand vs FC Mandeville                                        £10 fine

Great Milton Res vs Bedgrove Utd Res                           £10 fine

Bedgrove Utd Res Vs AC -                         no result currently

Great Milton vs Ludgershall -                     no result currently


Any Other Business

  • Congratulations to Long Marston for reaching the final of the Herts Junior Cup
  • Congratulations to Kevin Saw and Kevin Dunnings for being appointed assistant referees for the Berks and Bucks Junior Cup final.
  • Clubs are reminded that they are responsible for offering their photo IDs to the opposition in order that the players can be checked. Any doubts about players should be voiced before the end of the game.
  • Following an incident at a game last Saturday, each club in a final will be told to nominate two managers, one for the team and one for spectators.

The meeting closed at 8.50. The next meeting was arranged for 7 May 2014.

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