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ADL Committee Minutes - February 2015

Minutes of the meeting of Aylesbury and District Football League Committee held at 7.30 p.m. on Wednesday 4 February 2015 At Bucks CC Sports and Social Club


Present:P Rice, D Bayliss,  M Pollard,T Skeggs, K Saw,Mrs M Stevens,N Sabatini, A Swain, 

               M Thoday.


Apologies were received fromS Howard, Mrs M Harrison


The Minutes: of the meeting of 7 Januarywere agreed.


Matters Arising

Lisa Welling will attend our March meeting at 7.30

Long Crendon are still waiting for a Berks and Bucks decision about the alleged assault on one of their players.



The secretary of Bedgrove Dynamos has asked that the first team contact on the website should be Graham Cato, 07786 656 166, and the reserve team contact is Steve Britzman 07544 587 091.

One club has responded to the opportunity to send questions to the FA conference at the weekend of 7-8 February.

Tring Town Amateurs have asked for their name to be changed on the website to Tring Town AFC.  As this is the name under which they are registered with Berks and Bucks FA this was agreed.

AFC Victoria are leaving the league, with immediate effect.  Their records therefore will be expunged.

SUFC have given notice that this may be their last season in the league.

It has been confirmed that a player cannot transfer to another club until he has discharged all his liabilities to his previous club – rule 8E.

Kieron Thomas of Wendover FC has a new contact number which is 07598748247 

Berks and Bucks FA and Herts FA have fined each club £75 for the abandoned game between Long Marston and Mandeville.  The game will be replayed on a neutral ground, with three neutral officials.


Treasurer’s Report:

Monthly Figures - League    

Balance From Previous Month         15,715



Referee fee17   

FA Conference          150

Semi finals               310               477



Fines  290   

Photo ID Cards  12302

Balance Carried Forward                     15,540


Outstanding Fines

Longwick   £10

No reminders about fines will be sent out in future.  Clubs have two weeks from the production of the written notification to pay their fines.  Any club failing to do so shall be fined a maximum of £50.  Further failure to pay the fine including the additional sum with 14 days shall result in fixtures being withdrawn until such time as the outstanding payments are settled (rule 5i).


Registration Secretary’s Report

Pat Callaghan has requested permission to transfer for the second time this season.  As he originally transferred from AFC Victoria and the club has now folded, he is unable to return there.  The Committee therefore agreed to his request.  Rule 8k

There was a refusal of a 2nd transfer for ZudzayiSangoya as it's not back to his original club. Rule 8K

There will be no registrations or transfers possible after 1 March.



Roberto Corigliano from SUFC to Long Crendon

Ian Chiarello from Aylesbury Dynamos to Bucks CC

Sam Ashmead from AFC Victoria to APR

Reece Bennett from Long Marston to Tring Town 

William Hattan de-registered from Hale Leys United to register for Bucks CC

Martin Dyer de-registered from Winslow United FC to register for Aylesbury Sports

Daniel O’Sullivan from AFC Victoria to W.C.W

ZacSibun from AFC Victoria to Aylesbury Sports

Paul Shears from AFC Victoria to Wendover FC

Ben George from AFC Victoria to Longwick Sports

Sean Callaghan from AFC Victoria to Longwick Sports

Nigel Swain from AFC Victoria to HaddenhamUtd

Adam Wilkie from AFC Victoria to HaddenhamUtd

Pat Callaghan from WCW to Longwick Sports


January 10th

Quainton res late team sheet fine  £10 rule 11A

Quainton 1st late team sheet  fine£10 rule 11A

Longwick late team sheet       fine £10  rule 11A


January 17th

The Kennedy team sheet not receivedyet, fine to be decided at next meeting rule 11a

Waddesdon too many first team players in res match,didn’t say what subs were used so all go down as playing.  Fine £10  rule 8D

January 24th

Great Milton played an ineligible player fined £25 rule 8Q I, game awarded to A C Meadowcroft.

AFC Victoria fined £50 for withdrawing their team. Rule 14A


Teams are reminded they need to check photo ID’s of opposing teams, as there have been some instances of ineligible players being played under other IDs, but this is difficult to prove after the game has finished.  Those playing in a match should be put in the front of the book, to make identification easier.  If needed, referees will oversee an identity check in the centre circle.


Fixtures Secretary’s Report

It appears that several teams are not switching venues if their pitch is unplayable, a reminder of the rules concerning this will be sent to all clubs and fines will be issued for clubs not adhering to the rules.

Jan 31Oakley v Bucks CC – Oakley were unable to field a team – game awarded to Bucks CC Oakley fined £25 rule 10F

Jan 10  LongCrendon v Ludgershall – home team failed to phone fine £10  rule 11b

Bengeo v Berkhamsted Sports – Berkhamsted failed to phone       fine £20  rule11b

Longwick v NorthchurchLongwick did not contact opponents      fine £5 rule 10d

Jan 24 Bucks CC no first aider, no names, no linesman on green sheet £5 for each offence rule11c

Free week requests:

Berkhamsted Sports14 March- agreed

Tring Town AFC7 March - agreed

Bedgrove United Reserves 28 February – agreed

Mandeville28 February – agreed

Tetsworth Reserves14 February – agreed

Great Milton14 February – agreed

Tring Town AFC31 January – agreed


The top team for sportsmanship is currently The Kennedy at 93.5%

Second SUFC at 91%, third Tetsworth reserves at 90%.

At the bottom are Stone Magnets with 58.18%.


All semi-final pitches have been booked.

Draws for quarter/semi-finals are shown at the end of the minutes


Referees Secretary’s Report

24 referees are available most weeks, there have been 422 games, of which 2 were not covered. Two new referees have joined.

Tring Tornados did not notify the referee of the cancellation of their game  fined £10 rule 11b

Kevin is continuing to get correspondence from referees about excessive abuse, principallybecause of weak managers unable to control their players.  Please be aware it is a reportable offence to try to persuade an official not to send in a misconduct form.


Press/Results Secretary’s Report

Jan 24 Bedgrove v FCMandeville late result  Bedgrove fined £10  rule 11b

Berkhamsted Sports County Cup late result  fined £10 rule 11b

Aylesbury Dynamos v Walton Court Wanderers no result fine £20 rule 11b

January 10 Longwick v Northchurch late result  Longwick fined £50 rule 11b  (3rd offence)

Rivets Sports v Stone late result Rivets Sports fined £10  rule 11b


Any Other Business

A subsidiary cup, Senior and Junior, was considered for the benefit of those teams whose season has or is finishing early.  To find out what demand there is, can any clubs interested please contact Marc Thoday.

The league k.o. times will be changing in March.

Teams are calling off games too early, it is not the decision of the team to call of matches – rule 10b. A reminder will be sent to all secretaries.

The Presentation Evening will be on Friday 15 May, to be held at Tetsworth’s ground.

Berks and Bucks FA have a new address, it is

1st Floor - Stratton Court

Kimber Road



 OX14 1SG 

 For general enquires to Football Services - phone:  01235 544890


Field Shield


Semi finals103

Balance carried forward £4,783


The meeting closed at 9.10 p.m. 

The next meeting was arranged for WednesdayMarch 4, 2015

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