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ADL Committee Minutes - Dec 2014

Minutes of the meeting of Aylesbury and District Football League Management Committee held at 7.30 p.m. on Wednesday 3 December 2014 At Bucks CC Sports and Social Club

Present: P Rice(in the chair), Mrs M Harrison, M Pollard, K Saw, T Skeggs, Mrs M Stevens, M Thoday

Apologies were received from D Bayliss, S Howard, N Sabatini, A Swain.

The Minutes: of the meeting of  5 November 2014 were agreed.

Matters Arising: 

* The committee have responded to the query by Bucks CC about cancellation of games.

* Luke Montague has been reinstated following a directive from Berks and Bucks FA.  


* We have had a query about whether clubs can video games. If the team are playing open age football there is nothing to restrict videos being made or photos being taken. In fact the FA disciplinary team would actively encourage it.  Anyone being filmed or photographed has a choice to veto it and request them to stop. The footage should only be used within the club, or sent to the FA when disputing a red card offence.

* Tetsworth have sent an email complimenting the away team The Kennedy who swept the changing room then sat and had a beer with them after the game.  In the words of Tetsworth, there are teams out there that make Saturday football wonderful.

* The goalpost at St John’s Sports and Social Club cannot be used until it is repaired satisfactorily in accordance with Health and Safety regulations.  There will also be an inspection of the changing facilities.

* Berks and Bucks FA have raised a misconduct charge against Stone Magnets St Johns for failing to control their spectators. Rule E20

* Berks and Bucks FA have informed the committee that the clubs that fail to pay their fines within 14 days should be further fined and given a further 14 days to pay.  Failure to comply shall result in their fixtures being withdrawn.  The matches cannot be forfeited but have to be rescheduled when the clubs have cleared their debt.  

Treasurer’s Report:

Monthly Figures - League 

Balance From Previous

Month 14,865

EXPENDITURE   273          

Photo ID  253              

Postage 20


Fines 265

Photo ID cards 243

Pitch cost 63

Balance Carried Forward 15,163

League divisional trophies are to be returned by 31 January 2015, to be engraved.

Registration Secretary’s Report

1st November

Late Team sheets  Rule 11a

Longwick Sports received 10th November  £10 fine

Quainton res received 12th November     £10 fine

8th November Transfers

Dave Fountain from Elmhurst to Quainton

Nathan Bateman from Bedgrove Utd to Bedgrove Dynamos

James Brown from Ludgershall to SUFC

Michael Davis from AC Meadowcroft to SUFC

Northchurch no ref mark  Rule 13 h  £5 fine

Late team sheets  Rule 11a

Waddesdon 1st         £10 fine

Wendover reserves  £10 fine

The Kennedy            £10 fine

Long Crendon res     £10 fine

15th November

Bedgrove Dynamos signed player on the day for Reserve cup 

(won game against Ludgershall res)  Rule 3 reserve cup

Steve Smith de-registered from Tring Corinthians to register with Tring Titans.(Letter received)

Alex Groom de-registered from Tring Athletic to Long Marston (Letter received)

Aaron Bonham de-registered from Thame Utd to Aylesbury Park Rangers (Letter received)

Late Team Sheets

The Kennedy received 26.11.2014 Rule 11a  £10 fine

22nd Novemeber


Ben Rickard from AFC Victoria to Bucks CC

Daman Connor from AFC Victoria to Longwick Sports

Sam Robertson from AFC Victoria to Longwick Sports

Chris Tofte from AFC Victoria to Longwick Sports

Tom Keen from Bucks CC to Longwick Sports

Carl Clay from Bucks CC to Long Marston

Late Team sheet from Waddesdon 1st team Rule 11a £10 fine

No ref name or mark on team sheet from The Kennedy  Rule 13h  £5 fine

29th November


Pat Callaghan from AFC Victoria to Walton Court Wanderers

Luke Norris from AFC Victoria to Longwick Sports

Late team sheets  Rule 11a

The Kennedy  £10 fine

Aylesbury Park Rangers    £10 fine

No ref mark from Elmhurst  Rule 13h £5 fine   

Fixtures Secretary’s Report

Free Week    

SUFC - December 20th – agreed  rule 10 (c) 

Aylesbury Sports notified of change of venue immediately. Mitoo has been updated.

Cancelled Games

Saturday, 29 November 2014

Tom Sparkes League Cup

 Aylesbury Sports v Haddenham United Reserves [ Round 2 ] Postponed

 Haddenham Utd Res unable to raise a side  fine £25  

 Long Marston Reserves v FC Mandeville [ Round 2 ] Abandoned    

Saturday, 15 November 2014

ADL Reserve Cup

         Quainton Reserves v Bedgrove United Reserves [ Round 2 ] Postponed 

        Quainton unable to raise a side.   Fined £25  rule ??

The referee for Longwick on 25 October had to wait 30 minutes for payment  Longwick fined £10 rule 13(e)

A decision is awaited on the outcome of the Berks and Bucks County Cup game between F C Mandeville and Wingrave. Wingrave are disputing a decision by Berks and Bucks about one of their players, and it has not yet been resolved.

Referees Secretary

There are currently 18 full time and 17 occasional referees.  All games are being covered at present.

Scores for referees have not yet all been received.

There are inadequate shower facilities at Pond Park and Ludgershall, there is no hot water in the referees shower at either venue.

There have been comments received this week from two officials, complaining of the behaviour and attitude of some of the management, players and spectators.

Press/Results Secretary’s Report


 Tring Titans v FC Mandeville result received 6.00 p.m. – 2nd offence fined £20 rule 11b


 No result from Tring Town Amateurs in Berks and Bucks Cup fined £20 rule 11b

Can Marc please have results from the away team in addition to home team results, to ensure that the scores are correct. 

Any Other Business

* A delegate is needed to attend the Grass Roots Conference the first weekend of February.  Peter Rice has volunteered to represent the league.

* The Red Cross have a free app which can be downloaded onto phones, giving details of what to do in cases of medical need.  This should not replace a first-aider for each team, but may be an additional aid.

* Suggested ADFL rule changes should be sent to the Secretary by 28 February 2015.

* Draws were made for Cup competitions, and are shown below

The meeting closed at 9.05 p.m. 

The next meeting was arranged for Wednesday 7 January 2015

Tom Sparkes Cup

APR   v Rivets Reserves

Berkhamsted Sports  v Bucks CC reserves

Oving   v Bedgrove Dynamos

Wendover or Spandits  v Long Marston or FC Mandeville

Downley   v Bucks CC

Elmhurst   v Longwick

Aylesbury Sports   v Haddenham

Walton Court Wanderers v AFC Victoria

Reserve Cup

Bucks CC    v Ludgershall

Haddenham/Waddesdon/Rivets v Tetsworth

Long Crendon    v Long Marston or Oving

Wingrave    v Bedgrove United.

Minutes of the meeting of the Committee of the Thomas Field Shield held on Wednesday 3 December at Bucks CC Sports and Social Club

Present: As for Aylesbury District Football Management Committee Meeting

Apologies: As for Aylesbury District Football Management Committee Meeting

Treasurer’s Report:

Balance Brought Forward  £4,860

Fine £25

Carried Forward    £4,885

Draw for Thomas Field Shield

Tring Titans   v Long Marston

Aylesbury Dynamos  v Gt Missenden

Oakley   v Bucks CC

FC Spandits   v Longwick

The next meeting will be held on Wednesday 7 January 2015

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