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ADL Committee Minutes - July 2014

Minutes of the meeting of Aylesbury and District Football League Executive Committee held on Wednesday 2 July 2014 At Bucks CC Sports and Social Club

Present: P Rice, D Bayliss, Mrs M Harrison, S Howard, M Pollard, N Sabatini, K Saw, Mrs M Stevens, M Thoday.

Apologies were received from T Skeggs

The Minutes: of the meeting of 3 June were agreed.

Matters Arising: Meadowcroft have informed us that they have paid their fines. The Chairman will meet with them when the Treasurer returns from his holiday.


  • Aylesbury Dynamos have requested a free week on 30 August. This was agreed
  • MDM United will now be called SFC Unique
  • Great Milton’s email address is This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
  • Brill United have resigned from the league

Treasurer’s Report:

Ex-Servicemen’s Club failed to attend the ADFL AGM - fine £50

Great Missenden FC and Oakley United failed to attend the Field Shield AGM fine £50 each club


Registration Secretary’s Report

The photo ID books cannot be returned until we have a list of each team's registered players for next season. Each team will be sent a blank player retention form, to be completed with the player's name, signature and date of birth. These need to be returned by 9 August to Marcie in order for the team to receive their photo ID cards at the secretaries meeting. If forms are returned after 9 August, managers will need to collect them from Marcie at a later date.

Photo ID books are still to be received from Brill United, Ex-Servicemen’s club, FC Spandits reserves and Waddesdon FC.

If someone has not played before in the ADFL they need to fill in and return a registration form, passport sized and quality photo and £3 to Marcie. If an existing player intends to transfer to another club he needs to complete a registration form and send it to Marcie, together with £3 for a new card. (No photo is required).

All new cards will be sent to Marcie to enable her to monitor that they have been received.

Any clubs that have outstanding issues with players, please resolve them before next season.

There are endless suspended Players. See the Website for the List. None of these players will be able to re-register until their suspension is lifted.

This list is from the Berks and Bucks web site, so please deal directly with Berks and Bucks FA. 01367 242099


Fixtures Secretary’s Report

The County Cup dates have been arranged. Clubs can only enter 4 cup competitions, including the County Cup.

The 2014-15 season will start on 30 August.

Aylesbury Dynamos have requested a free week on 30 August. This was agreed.

Referees Secretary’s Report

Kevin does not yet have a full list of referees.

He will be holding a meeting for all ADFL referees prior to the start of the season.

Press/Results Secretary’s Report

Please email Marc with any news, team requests, photos that may be useful for the website              

Any Other Business

  • The divisional set-up has been drafted, we are waiting for a response from a couple of clubs
  • Quainton - we are waiting for their interpretation of rule 10f.
  • Those clubs that use ADVC pitches have received a letter from John O’Connor. Unless they contact AVDC by Monday 18 August they will not get a pitch for the forthcoming season.
  • Condolences are sent to Pond Park FC for the recent tragic event in their team.
  • Can any members help with knowledge about our life members and vice presidents, namely H Garner, R Gibbard, BL Martin, N Mead, D Pullinger and A J North? If so, please contact the ADFL Secretary.
  • The meeting closed at 9.05 p.m.

The next meeting was arranged for Wednesday August 5, 2014

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