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ADL Committee Minutes - June 2015

Minutes of the meeting of Aylesbury and District Football League Committee held at 

7.30 p.m. on Wednesday 3 June 2015AtBucks CC Social Club


Present:P RiceMrs M Harrison,S Howard, M Pollard,T Skeggs, N Sabatini, K Saw,Mrs M Stevens,A Swain, M Thoday.


In attendance was Roger Small


Apologies were received fromD Bayliss


The Minutes: of the meeting of 6 Maywere agreed.


Matters Arising

Information on the coaching course has been sent out, but there has not been any response so far.

Presentation evening went well, thanks were extended to Tetsworth.  Long Crendon have offered to host it next year.



Downley have decided to withdraw from the ADFL league

The statement confirming the fine for postponing a game in the 2015/2016 season has been released.


Treasurer’s Report:

Monthly Figures - League    

Balance From Previous Month       12,671  


EXPENDITURE         1,280


Cup Final           97

Mileage for trophies     25

INCOME              307  

Fines  175   

Pitch Hire contribution    52

Advertisements 80


Balance Carried Forward                     12,815


Outstanding Fines

Longwick      £193.00


Stone/St Johns £143.20  (Stone/St Johns have consequently been put into League suspension, and the B & B FA informed accordingly)


Outstanding entry forms:

Aylesbury Park Rangers


Stone Magnets

The Kennedy


New Teams:


Chandos Arms 

New Zealand


Berkhamsted & Downley deposits to be repaid after fines are deducted.


Registration Secretary’s Report

Only cards for players that a team will not be re-registering need to be handed in at the AGM,or immediately afterwards and the cards for the teams that will not be continuing next season need to be collected.


Fixtures Secretary’s Report

The dates of the Marsworth fixtures have been drafted.

There are presently only 9 teams in the Premiership for next season


Referees Secretary’s Report

There are at present 12 referees registered for next season.

The ADFL had 99% of games covered by badged referees this season, the highest percentage in the Berks and Bucks area.

The Committee have learned that Mike Dobson is to receive an award at the B& B FA Presentation Evening in Reading on Wednesday 10 June, for outstanding services to refereeing.


Press/Results Secretary’s Report

Nothing to report.


Any Other Business

           It was asked whether we intended to bring back the representatives game.  We will need to ask Berks and Bucks the costs of affiliating and insuring a team.

             Team sheet books need to be amended and ordered, which Marcie will do.

              Kevin is willing to co-ordinate committee members to go out and check whether a

              ground is playable at short notice for next season.


The meeting closed at 8.50 p.m. 

The next meeting will be the AGM to be held on 25 June at Bucks CC ground at 7.30 p.m.

The following meeting was arranged for WednesdayJuly 1, 2015


Thomas Field Shield Accounts

Brought Forward                                         4,746


 Income                                                            nil


Balance Carried Forward                            4,746

ADL Committee Minutes - May 2015


Minutes of the meeting of Aylesbury and District Football League Committee held at 7.45 p.m. on Wednesday 6 May 2015 At Aylesbury Tennis Club

Present: P Rice,  Mrs M Harrison, M Pollard, T Skeggs, K Saw, Mrs M Stevens, A Swain, M Thoday.

Apologies were received from D Bayliss, S Howard, N Sabatini.

The Minutes: of the meeting of 1 April were agreed.

Matters Arising: 

Matthew Pill was contacted as he had not appeared at the last meeting.  He said he was not aware that he should have been there, also that he did not know enough about the new system to give us any useful information.

FC Mandeville unfortunately lost their B & B FA Saturdau Junior cup match v Penn &  Tylers Green.

A poster advertising the pre-season coaching course for managers on Saturday 4 July will be sent to all clubs.


We have received correspondence from Ron Gaffney of Stone St John’s to inform us that he is resigning from the club.

For the Haddenham/Long Marston game, both players involved have been charged with improper conduct.

Aylesbury FC are offering a discounted entry fee to their games for ADFL members.  They are also offering to host fund-raising evenings. 

We have had four enquiries about starting new teams.

Berkhamsted Sports and SUFC will not be continuing next year

Pitcheroo have sent details of their website to help the organisation of leagues and teams.

James Sparkes has sent his thanks for our continued support of the Tom Sparkes Cup final.

Waddesdon Lions owe money for their personal accident insurance, and are presently suspended by the B & B FA

Treasurer’s Report:

Monthly Figures - League    

Balance From Previous Month          12,482  

EXPENDITURE            1,280  

telephone       93   

Cup Final          1,239

Pitch Hire                 (52)

INCOME              1,469   

Fines       245   

Photo ID Cards          9  

Advertisements     80

Gate Receipts          1,045

From Field Shield              90

Balance Carried Forward                     12,671 

Gate receipts were down on previous year, £200 below average, primarily in the Reserve Cup and Field Shield.

Outstanding Fines

Elmhurst £10

Longwick £10

Waddesdon £50

Stone Magnets £25

Registration Secretary’s Report

9th April no team sheet received from Aylesbury Park Rangers.  £20 fine rule 11a

 11th April no team sheets received from Quainton or Waddesdon 1st team.  £20 fine rule 11a each team

No ref mark from Aylesbury Park Rangers.£5 fine rule 13h

 18th April no team sheets received from Wendover res or Longwick Sports.  £20 fine rule 11a

 25th April no team sheet received from Aylesbury Park Rangers.  £20 fine rule 11a

 2nd May no team sheet received from FC Spandits 1st team   £20 fine rule 11a

Fixtures Secretary’s Report

Cancelled games  Rule 10F

April 11   Long Crendon v Haddenham Reserves – game awarded Long Crendon, Haddenham   fined  £25

April 21   Bedgrove Utd v F C Mandeville – game awarded F C Mandeville, Bedgrove fined £25

April 25   Longwick v Oving – game awarded to Oving,   Longwick fined £25

May 2 Ludgershall v Long Marston Reserves – game awarded to Ludgershall, Long Marston fined £25

May 7 Longwick v F C Mandeville, game awarded F C Mandeville , Longwick fined £25

April 25 Longwick did not pay referee – fined £25 rule 13E, plus referee fee of £35.  Costs of transport for Oving – Longwick fined £39 rule 6b.

March 16  Longwick v F C Mandeville late kick off, Longwick fined £5 rule 10b 

Berkhamsted fined £50 for withdrawal of team.

Referees Secretary’s Report

There have been a lot of cancelled games this season, which has caused great disruption for referees.   The Committee agreed a statement to be sent to all registered clubs in preparation for the 2015/2016 season.

Chris Carter has resigned from the Berks and Bucks FA in his role as Referees Development Secretary.

Press/Results Secretary’s Report

Nothing to report

Any Other Business

     The Presentation evening will be on 15 May at Tetsworth, 7.30 p.m.  Members of each club that have won or are runners up of their division are required to attend, but all clubs are welcome.  There will be a barbecue and a bar arranged by Tetsworth FC.

The Annual General Meeting will be held on Thursday 25th June at Bucks CC Sports and Social Club.

There are likely to be issues with forming the premiership division next season.  If a team wants to be considered, please contact Peter Rice.

Thanks were given to Roger Small for helping in the subsidiary cup.

The meeting closed at 9.10 p.m. 

The next meeting was arranged for Wednesday June 3, 2015


Thomas Field Shield Accounts

Brought Forward           4,836


        Cup Final  280

        Minutes/Admin           90   £370


        Fines  20

        Gate Receipts 260   £280

Balance Carried Forward                             4,746

ADL Committee Minutes - March 2015

Minutes of the Aylesbury & District Football League Management Committee Meeting held on 

Wednesday 4th March 2015 at Bucks CC Sports & Social Club.

Officers Present: P.Rice (chair), A.Skeggs, M.Pollard, M.Thoday, M.Harrison, S.Howard, K.Saw &N.Sabitini.

Apologies:A.Swain, D.Bayliss& M.Stevens.

Peter welcomed to the meeting, Lisa Welling from the Berks & Bucks. Lisa was the League’s new liaison officer and was here to talk about the Respect Programme. But before that Peter gave the committee his feedback from the FA Conference he had attended recently.

  • All sports participation was down 11% over the last 7 years.

  • Charter Standard League – what are the advantages for the League.

  • Football Future – it was realised that league volunteers were getting older and there wasn’t many new people coming forward and so Leagues were folding. Around the country Saturday and Sunday Leagues were merging to protect the leagues from folding.

  • Football Hubs – Where locations had a number of pitches, one of these pitches was being turned into a synthetic pitch. The income from this supports the maintenance of the grass pitches.

  • Referees – Qualifying and training arrangements would be changing from September.

  • Coaching – There were opportunities for coaching courses to be run for all managers.

  • Discipline – This differs around the country. Video evidence is no longer required as supporting evidence. The FA was keen to start applying Ground Bans for anyone abusing the referee. It would be up to the local FA to enforce the suspension if the League thought it had been broken.


Lisa Welling then did a quick SWOT analysis of the League so she had a better understanding of the League. She outlined the Respect requirements, some of which the League already perform. But it was important that all clubs supported the principle and the County were keen to talk to clubs about this. As for being a Charter Standard League, you needed 60% of the clubs to be Charter Clubs; currently we were at 19%. Following her presentation Lisa left the meeting. Next month the County would be attending to demonstrate the Whole Game system.


The meeting then commenced.The minutes of 4th February were agreed as a true record.


Matters Arising:

  • Oakley v Bucks CC decision reversed due to new information.

  • Long Crendon still waiting for a B&B decision on their player assault.

  • Subsidiary Cup – 12 teams for the Junior Cup, but only 7 for the Senior Cup. Medals would be awarded. 


Treasurer’s Report:

  • Income since last meeting £170 (fines £155, photo id £15). Expenditure £0. Balance stands at £15,710.

  • A club deposit was refunded to AFC Victoria. Deposits now £4,975.

  • The trophies had been ordered. Despite ordering 40 extra trophies for the leagues, the price had been kept the same at £2,266. The cups were slightly less than the previous year at £1,204, a saving of £48.

  • Despite a request in the December minutes for the Divisional and Cup trophies to be returned early, four still had yet to be returned.


Late Teamsheet

Teamsheet Not Received

Failure to Notify Result

No Referee's Mark

Cancelled Game - Details Below

Rule Number






Fine Amount






7 February









Stone Magnets











14 February





FC Spandits (Both Teams)



Long Crendon







21 February





Aylesbury Dynamos



FC Spandits (Both Teams)











28 February






7 March






Fixture Secretary’s Report:

  • The following free weeks had been approvedBedgroveUtd 14 March and Haddeham Res. 4 April.

  • The following free week had been refused – Tring Town Amateurs 21 March.

  • Cancelled Matches – 7 February

D3 – Rivets Res. v Quainton Res. Game awarded to Rivets and Quainton fined £25 (2nd occasion).

D2 – Stone Magnets v Tring Titans. Game awarded to Tring Titans and Stone Magnets fined £25. There was much debate over this game. After hearing the explanations from all parties, it was decided that the game be awarded as both the referee and the grounds man had agreed the pitch was playable in the morning and there was no reason why the game could not go ahead.

  • Cancelled Match – 14 February

D4 - Waddesdon Res. V BedgroveUtd Res. Game awarded to Bedgrove and Waddesdon fined £25.

  • Cancelled Match – 21 February

D4 - Waddesdon Res. V Great Milton Res. Game awarded to Great Milton and Waddesdon fined £25 (2nd occasion).

  • Cancelled Match – 28 February

D3 – Tring Town Amateurs V Quainton Res. Game awarded to Tring Town and Quainton fined £50 (3rd occasion).

  • Cancelled Match – 7 March

D4 - Wingrave Res. V Quainton Res. Game awarded to Wingrave and Quainton fined £50 (4th occasion).

Referee Secretary’s Report:

  • Report from Wendover. Contents noted.

  • Report from Aylesbury Dynamos. Contents noted.

  • Congratulations to Vince Torrefor his B&B Intermediate Cup Final appointment.

  • Congratulations to Kevin Dunnings for his B&B semi final line appointment.

  • The B&B has said the conduct of referees now the responsibility of the League.


Transfers / De-registration:

  • Oliver Johnson from Northchurch to Tring Town AFC.

  • Mitchell Collins from AFC Victoria to FC Mandeville.

  • Jake Catton from FC Mandeville to Bedgrove United.

  • Ethan Pugh from FC Mandeville to Bedgrove United.

  • Paul Forrester from Longwick Sports to Aylesbury Park Rangers.

  • Michael Gallagher from Wendover to Longwick Sports.

  • Chris Davies de-registered from Buckingham Athletic now registered with Aylesbury Park Rangers.

No more Registrations / Transfers allowed for this season.

Press Secretary’s Report:

  • Failure to Phone – 7th February – Wendover Reserves Fined £20.

Any Other Business:

  • Finals All adverts for the programme needed to be with Marc by the 14 March. Teams are reminded that if they reach a final they must give Marc their information immediately after the semi final. Peter had arranged the following to present the trophies – Reserve Cup – Paul Alleyne and Sheffield Jackman – Mike Donnachie.

  • Sheffield Jackman Semi Final Draw  -- Ludgershall v Wendover and Quainton v Longwick.

  • For information the cost of hiring an AVDC pitch is the same price regardless of whether it is on a Saturday or a Sunday.  

  • Next meeting – 1st April 2015.


Thomas Field Shield

Treasurers Report

  • Income since last meeting £400 (Dayla Sponsorship). Expenditure £0. Balance stands at £5,183.

Fixture Secretary’s Report:

  • Cancelled Match – 7 February

FC Spandits v Longwick. Game awarded to FC Spandits and Longwick fined £25.

Any Other Business:

  • Finals – A representative from Dayla would present the trophies at the final on the 3rd April.

ADL Committee Minutes - April 2015

Minutes of the meeting of Aylesbury and District Football League Committee held at 7.30 p.m. on Wednesday 1 April 2015 At Bucks CC Sports and Social Club


Present:P Rice, Mrs M Harrison, S Howard, N Sabatini,T Skeggs, K Saw,Mrs M Stevens,

               M Thoday.


Roger Small was welcomed to the meeting.  Roger has agreed to go to games to assess new referees, also to help with checking on the quality of pitches when teams feel they are unplayable.


Apologies were received fromD Bayliss,M Pollard, A Swain


The Minutes: of the meeting of 4 Marchwere agreed.


The Committee expected Matthew Pill of Berks and Bucks FA to be at the meeting to take us through the new computerised system, but he did not appear.


Matters Arising

Three trophies have still not been returned, from the premier division, divisions 2 and 4.

The clubs involved will be fined £10 each, rule 18b

The cancelled game on 14 February should have been awarded to Waddesdon, and Bedgrove fined £25.

Wingrave reserves have pulled out of the subsidiary cup



Stephen Burdett wanted information on league tables for 2000-2001, but our records do not go back that far.


Treasurer’s Report:

Monthly Figures - League    

Balance From Previous Month         15,710  





Trophies     3,454

Photo ID        374

Miscellaneous29           £3,896



Fines  165   

Photo ID Cards  451

Pitch Hire 52             £668


Balance Carried Forward                     £12,482

Fines Outstanding  Rule 5i

Aylesbury Dynamos£10




Registration Secretary’s Report

28th Feb 

late team sheets from FC Spandits 1st and res, Longwick Sports, Long Crendon res.


7th March

Bedgrove Dynamos res played 4 1st team players in sub cup game awarded to Wendover 

FC Spandits played a suspended player (lost against BedgroveUtd )

Late Team sheets from Elmhurst and Rivets res.


14th March

Wingrave res no ref name or mark on team sheet.


21st March

No team sheet received from FC Spandits 1st team, res team sheet late.


Fixtures Secretary’s Report

Quainton Reserves will not be able to complete their fixtures this season fine £25 rule 14 bi

Stone Magnets played an ineligible player on 14 March fined £25    rule 8qi

Cancelled matches:

7.3.15Div 3 - Wingrave Res vsQuainton Res - QR unable to raise a sideQuainton fined £25 rule 10f

14.3.15  APR v Wingrave – game awarded to APR, Wingrave fined £25 rule 10f

21.3.15  21 March - Long Marston Res. v OvingRes.Game awarded to LM, Oving fined£25 rule 10f

QuaintonvsHaddenham Res - HR unable to raise a side.Game awarded to QuaintonHaddenham fined £25 rule 10f

28.3.15Waddesdon Res vs Kennedy.Waddeson unable to raise a side. Game awarded to Kennedy Waddesdon fined £50 (3rd offence) Rule 10f

Sub Cup - Pond Park vsTetsworth  -Tetsworth couldn't raise a side. Home win

25th April - as Quainton Reserves are unable to fulfil their fixtures but have completed 75% their future games are awarded.


Referees Secretary’s Report

March was a difficult month, with 22 games called off so far this season for matters other than bad weather.  


Press/Results Secretary’s Report

7th March   no result from Oakley Utd v Bucks CC Oakley fined £20 rule 11b

14th March 

Elmhurst vs Long Marston - late result  2nd offence  fine £10  rule 11b

21st March 

 FC Spandits  Vs Tring Titans - late result fine £10 rule 11b

28th March

 FC Spanditsvs Bucks CC Res - late result  2nd offence fine £10 rule 11b



Any Other Business

  • The semi-final and Final results are needed by Marc

  • Congratulations to FC Mandeville for getting to the final of the Berks and Bucks Saturday Junior Cup.  They will be playing Penn and Tylers reserves at Newbury on 25th April, 2.30 k.o.

  • Ben Williams of Wrights Sports Academies is happy to put on a coaching day for managers on Saturday 4 July.  This will be paid for by ADFL, but a £20 deposit will be needed from managers taking part, which will be refunded at the end of the day.  Anyone interested please email the league secretary.

  • We are looking for someone to present the medals at the final of the Marsworth Senior Cup on Monday 27 April.

  • The final of the Sheffield Jackman Cup is on Monday 13 April at Tring Athletic Football Club, 7.30, between FC Mandeville and Longwick.  Please come along.


The draw for the semi-final of the Tom Sparkes Cup took place

Bucks CC reserves    V  Aylesbury Park Rangers

Bucks CC     V Haddenham


The meeting closed at 8.55 p.m. 

The next meeting was arranged for WednesdayMay 7, 2015


Field Shield

Balance Brought Forward £5,183

Expenditure:  Trophies 424Income:  Fines    £25

Pitch Hire £52

Balance c/f  £4,836

ADL Committee Minutes - February 2015

Minutes of the meeting of Aylesbury and District Football League Committee held at 7.30 p.m. on Wednesday 4 February 2015 At Bucks CC Sports and Social Club


Present:P Rice, D Bayliss,  M Pollard,T Skeggs, K Saw,Mrs M Stevens,N Sabatini, A Swain, 

               M Thoday.


Apologies were received fromS Howard, Mrs M Harrison


The Minutes: of the meeting of 7 Januarywere agreed.


Matters Arising

Lisa Welling will attend our March meeting at 7.30

Long Crendon are still waiting for a Berks and Bucks decision about the alleged assault on one of their players.



The secretary of Bedgrove Dynamos has asked that the first team contact on the website should be Graham Cato, 07786 656 166, and the reserve team contact is Steve Britzman 07544 587 091.

One club has responded to the opportunity to send questions to the FA conference at the weekend of 7-8 February.

Tring Town Amateurs have asked for their name to be changed on the website to Tring Town AFC.  As this is the name under which they are registered with Berks and Bucks FA this was agreed.

AFC Victoria are leaving the league, with immediate effect.  Their records therefore will be expunged.

SUFC have given notice that this may be their last season in the league.

It has been confirmed that a player cannot transfer to another club until he has discharged all his liabilities to his previous club – rule 8E.

Kieron Thomas of Wendover FC has a new contact number which is 07598748247 

Berks and Bucks FA and Herts FA have fined each club £75 for the abandoned game between Long Marston and Mandeville.  The game will be replayed on a neutral ground, with three neutral officials.


Treasurer’s Report:

Monthly Figures - League    

Balance From Previous Month         15,715



Referee fee17   

FA Conference          150

Semi finals               310               477



Fines  290   

Photo ID Cards  12302

Balance Carried Forward                     15,540


Outstanding Fines

Longwick   £10

No reminders about fines will be sent out in future.  Clubs have two weeks from the production of the written notification to pay their fines.  Any club failing to do so shall be fined a maximum of £50.  Further failure to pay the fine including the additional sum with 14 days shall result in fixtures being withdrawn until such time as the outstanding payments are settled (rule 5i).


Registration Secretary’s Report

Pat Callaghan has requested permission to transfer for the second time this season.  As he originally transferred from AFC Victoria and the club has now folded, he is unable to return there.  The Committee therefore agreed to his request.  Rule 8k

There was a refusal of a 2nd transfer for ZudzayiSangoya as it's not back to his original club. Rule 8K

There will be no registrations or transfers possible after 1 March.



Roberto Corigliano from SUFC to Long Crendon

Ian Chiarello from Aylesbury Dynamos to Bucks CC

Sam Ashmead from AFC Victoria to APR

Reece Bennett from Long Marston to Tring Town 

William Hattan de-registered from Hale Leys United to register for Bucks CC

Martin Dyer de-registered from Winslow United FC to register for Aylesbury Sports

Daniel O’Sullivan from AFC Victoria to W.C.W

ZacSibun from AFC Victoria to Aylesbury Sports

Paul Shears from AFC Victoria to Wendover FC

Ben George from AFC Victoria to Longwick Sports

Sean Callaghan from AFC Victoria to Longwick Sports

Nigel Swain from AFC Victoria to HaddenhamUtd

Adam Wilkie from AFC Victoria to HaddenhamUtd

Pat Callaghan from WCW to Longwick Sports


January 10th

Quainton res late team sheet fine  £10 rule 11A

Quainton 1st late team sheet  fine£10 rule 11A

Longwick late team sheet       fine £10  rule 11A


January 17th

The Kennedy team sheet not receivedyet, fine to be decided at next meeting rule 11a

Waddesdon too many first team players in res match,didn’t say what subs were used so all go down as playing.  Fine £10  rule 8D

January 24th

Great Milton played an ineligible player fined £25 rule 8Q I, game awarded to A C Meadowcroft.

AFC Victoria fined £50 for withdrawing their team. Rule 14A


Teams are reminded they need to check photo ID’s of opposing teams, as there have been some instances of ineligible players being played under other IDs, but this is difficult to prove after the game has finished.  Those playing in a match should be put in the front of the book, to make identification easier.  If needed, referees will oversee an identity check in the centre circle.


Fixtures Secretary’s Report

It appears that several teams are not switching venues if their pitch is unplayable, a reminder of the rules concerning this will be sent to all clubs and fines will be issued for clubs not adhering to the rules.

Jan 31Oakley v Bucks CC – Oakley were unable to field a team – game awarded to Bucks CC Oakley fined £25 rule 10F

Jan 10  LongCrendon v Ludgershall – home team failed to phone fine £10  rule 11b

Bengeo v Berkhamsted Sports – Berkhamsted failed to phone       fine £20  rule11b

Longwick v NorthchurchLongwick did not contact opponents      fine £5 rule 10d

Jan 24 Bucks CC no first aider, no names, no linesman on green sheet £5 for each offence rule11c

Free week requests:

Berkhamsted Sports14 March- agreed

Tring Town AFC7 March - agreed

Bedgrove United Reserves 28 February – agreed

Mandeville28 February – agreed

Tetsworth Reserves14 February – agreed

Great Milton14 February – agreed

Tring Town AFC31 January – agreed


The top team for sportsmanship is currently The Kennedy at 93.5%

Second SUFC at 91%, third Tetsworth reserves at 90%.

At the bottom are Stone Magnets with 58.18%.


All semi-final pitches have been booked.

Draws for quarter/semi-finals are shown at the end of the minutes


Referees Secretary’s Report

24 referees are available most weeks, there have been 422 games, of which 2 were not covered. Two new referees have joined.

Tring Tornados did not notify the referee of the cancellation of their game  fined £10 rule 11b

Kevin is continuing to get correspondence from referees about excessive abuse, principallybecause of weak managers unable to control their players.  Please be aware it is a reportable offence to try to persuade an official not to send in a misconduct form.


Press/Results Secretary’s Report

Jan 24 Bedgrove v FCMandeville late result  Bedgrove fined £10  rule 11b

Berkhamsted Sports County Cup late result  fined £10 rule 11b

Aylesbury Dynamos v Walton Court Wanderers no result fine £20 rule 11b

January 10 Longwick v Northchurch late result  Longwick fined £50 rule 11b  (3rd offence)

Rivets Sports v Stone late result Rivets Sports fined £10  rule 11b


Any Other Business

A subsidiary cup, Senior and Junior, was considered for the benefit of those teams whose season has or is finishing early.  To find out what demand there is, can any clubs interested please contact Marc Thoday.

The league k.o. times will be changing in March.

Teams are calling off games too early, it is not the decision of the team to call of matches – rule 10b. A reminder will be sent to all secretaries.

The Presentation Evening will be on Friday 15 May, to be held at Tetsworth’s ground.

Berks and Bucks FA have a new address, it is

1st Floor - Stratton Court

Kimber Road



 OX14 1SG 

 For general enquires to Football Services - phone:  01235 544890


Field Shield


Semi finals103

Balance carried forward £4,783


The meeting closed at 9.10 p.m. 

The next meeting was arranged for WednesdayMarch 4, 2015

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