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Latest News

B&B County Cup Draw


Prestwood Vs New Bradwell St Peter
Rivets Vs KS Gryf FC
A.Vikings Vs Great Horwood
Old Bradwell Utd Vs Hale Leys
Richings Park Vs AWFC
Great Missenden Vs FC Beaconsfield
Elmhurst Vs Bye (Bedgrove Utd Folded)
Stoke Mandeville Vs Haddenham 
There are 64 teams entered



League Constitution Season 2021-22

1 Ayletico     1 Bedgrove United (Folded)    
2 AFC Lions Gold (folded)     2 Elmhurst    
3 Wendover     3 Aylesbury Raider    
4 Tetsworth     4 Wingave    
5 Long Marston     5 Stoke Mandeville    
6 Prestwood     6 FC Bierton    
7 Great Missendem     7 Aylesbury Vale Dynamos Sports    
8 Holmer Green Old Boys (folded)     8 AWFC    
9 Aylesbury Vikings (NEW)     9 Tetsworth Reserves    
10 Hale Leys (NEW)     10 FC Aristocrats    
        11 Rivets    
        12 Ludgershall Utd    
        13 Wendover Reserves    
        14 Haddenham United    
        15 Oving (demoted)    
      DIVISION TWO        
    1 Stoke Mandeville Reserves        
    2 PrestwoodReserves        
    3 Stone United        
    4 Aylesbury Vale FC        
    5 Thame United B (NEW)        
    6 Rivets Reserves        
    7 Ludgershall United Reserves        
    8 Wingrave Development        
    9 AFC Berryfields        
    10 Aylesbury  Hornets FC        
    11 Long Marston Reserves (folded)        
    12 St John's        
    13 Aylesbury Vikings Reserves (NEW)        
    14 Oving Reserves (NEW) (replaced by Oving FC)        
    15 St Leonards (NEW)        



The late Richard Lipscombe

The ADFL are sad to report the passing of our Fixture Secretary last week after a long battle with Cancer. After stepping down prior to the AGM it came as a shock to the Committee still. His Partner Jo, who received Flowers from the Committee thanks everyone for prolonging his enjoyment in local football and the League.

The Chairman passes his thoughts below:  

A personal tribute to the passing of “one of the good guys”

Of all the comments I have heard or read since the untimely death of Richard Lipscombe, there is one that resonates: “Oh, he’s one of the good guys isn’t he”. That in a sentence probably says it all.

It’s ironic that while I have been aware of his name for more years than I can remember, it was through Netball not Football, that our paths first crossed, through his involvement, in the Aylesbury Youth/Junior/Senior Netball Leagues, where amongst various roles, he umpired in his younger days, a sport he was involved for more years than I can remember.

Richard, like many of us became seriously involved in football through his refereeing. I feel it would take up several pages to outline all the roles and responsibilities with numerous organisations he was involved with over the years. but here are just some of the local ones.

Chesham Sunday League for over 40 years

Chesham & District Charity Cup Competitions (over 25 years)

Wycombe and District League (fixture Secretary)

Whilst known for all his local involvement and knowledge, he was perhaps better known for his Berks and Bucks FA and Football Associations roles. For many years Richard was the B & B FA County Cup organiser, making sure that all their cup games were played through to a final, where hours of his time were then spent liaising with senior clubs throughout Berks and Bucks to hold the numerous finals every season.

Such was the respect for his skills and talents that for some 8 years he then also spent time on the Football Association Board (Futsal Committee).

Once he had relinquished these roles, except for being a B&B FA council member, he offered his services to the Aylesbury and District Football league in August 2016, where his offer was accepted overnight. At this point we were able to see at first hand his meticulous planning and vast knowledge as he took over the fixtures, and he soon became a valued colleague and friend.

It was also around this time that he informed me in confidence he had been diagnosed with cancer, a sad fact that was only released to very few individuals as time progressed. In the intervening years it became obvious that despite the various types of treatment the NHS were providing Richard was becoming more unwell. He wished to continue in his role if possible (and we wanted him there) so we entered into an agreement with him that he would remain in his role until such time as it all proved too much. Looking back, I would like to think that was one of the better decisions we made as a committee, both for his family and football in general. I have had many telephone conversations with him over the last few years and have enjoyed the football chat as well as hearing his lively comments about local politics! As many of you would have heard me say at the recent AGM, how he managed to pull together all those fixtures since restart absolutely beggars’ belief when his eye-sight was deteriorating so rapidly.

To one of the bravest individuals, I have ever had the privilege of knowing, no more pain or discomfort, rest-in-peace, you have certainly earned the right.


Peter Rice, Aylesbury and District Football League Chairman

Season 2020-21


Summary of Guidelines


· Club to appoint Covid-19 Officer for each team who is to ensure a Risk Assessment is completed, and who MUST attend each HOME match

· Self Assessment for Covid 19 required by everyone

· Follow NHS Test & Trace procedures

· Strong personal hygiene is required with people bringing their own hand sanitisers

· Avoid sharing of equipment and ensure goalposts and corner posts are cleaned before, at half time and after the match

· Follow Government guidance for travelling including minimizing use of public transport and travelling on their own

· Active participants arrive already changed and ready to play and not arrive too early to avoid too congestion with too many people congregating together

· Parking areas clearly marked to allow social distancing

· Toilets clearly marked and full provision of handwashing facilities as well as santisers

· Access to buildings clearly marked to ensure social distancing

· Good signage to avoid any confusion over movements

· All persons attending a match should be made aware of the contents of the Risk Assessment

· The Risk Assessment should be sent to the visiting team as part of Match Confirmation Details. Any issues to be resolved as soon as possible.


· Competitive outdoor training can take place – max groups of 30

· Competition match play permitted with social distancing before/after

· Sharing of equipment to be avoided

· When the ball goes out of play it should be retrieved by non participants and should be retrieved using the feet rather than the hands wherever possible

· ‘In-game’ modifications e.g.ball handling, set plays, goal celebrations discouraged

· Spitting should be avoided and shouting avoided when players are facing each other

· Participants should bring their own drinks and refreshments , in named containers

· Observe rigorous hygiene standards with hand sanitising when possible at breaks in play

· Spectators – groups of no more than six persons and spread out in line

· Injuries should be treated by persons wearing PPE


· Hands washes after training and matches

· Showers taken at home

· Take own kit and equipment for washing

· Continue social distancing in club facilities such as toilets

· In Clubhouses if bars are used after matches social distancing should adhered to

· Follow facility traffic flow systems

· Anyone who becomes infected after training or matches should inform NHS Test & Trace

· Match fees should be paid cashless if possible

· Match Officials should be paid either using sanitised cash in a seal envelope or by Bank Transfer if agreed with the Match Official before hand



24th Apiril 2020

Conclusion of the 2019-2020 Season

Issues that had to be considered. 

 The issues that had to be considered on top of the Government Restrictions listed in the last update were as follows: 

League 2019/2020: 

Firstly the feed-back from the questionnaire received from affiliated clubs was as follows:- 

Option A)  The season is declared null and void with all League results expunged   -   80% 

Option B)  League season is decided on a Points-per-game basis         20% 

1. Further Government announcements: 

On Wednesday 22nd April at the 5-00p.m. Government update meeting, it was mentioned that Social Distancing would need to continue, in one form or another, seemingly until the end of the calendar year. 

2. Bucks Council: 

The knowledge that the posts had been removed, and several maintenance staff temporarily moved to other departments to cover for absent staff, means that the pitches were no longer marked out and available. 

3. Villages: 

a. Would any village welcome, at the present time, additional cars entering their village potentially bringing the virus. 

b. Knowing that the 1st May was some 10 days away, with many villages green space facilities turned over to the Cricket season means football pitches are no longer available. 

4. Maintenance of existing football pitches: 

The knowledge that several teams, having been given permission, had taken advantage of the warm weather, to begin maintenance ready for the next season. 

All these issues were debated, thus leading us to make the decision the we had little or no choice that the 2019/2020 league programme was to be declared “NULL and VOID”. 

Cups 2019/2020: 

The feed-back from the clubs of this sector was as follows:- 

Option A)    Delay final stages to the beginning of 2020-21 season  -  76% 

Option B)    Agree to “share” the trophy  (if finalists are already known)-   4% 

Option C)    Declare the season null and void-   20% 

Following an interesting debate, it was finally agreed that if at all possible we should try and continue the 19/20 programme, having reached the semi-final stage, in 5 out of 6 cups, and the actual final for the 6th one, bearing in mind only those players registered as at 29th February 2020 are eligible to play. NO new signing since then can be allowed to play. 

However in saying that there was a caveat inserted that these outstanding matches ideally needed to be played by the end of the calendar year. 

Further updates 

Passing of Ray Reading: 

It is with immense sadness that we have to report the passing of Ray Reading, who following a fall, broke his hip, and whilst in hospital contacted pneumonia. 

Ray was a long-time colleague and friend to many of us, and was to say the very least a loyal supporter of the Aylesbury and District Football League. 

Sincere Congratulations: 

Whilst many of us having spent the wettest winter on record  trying to work out how in heavens name we are evergoing to get outstanding fixtures played, several Referees have spent their winter, trying extremely successfully , to improve their skills, hopefully to your advantage, in trying to move up the ladder to the next level. 

Kevin Saw, our Referee Secretary was recently informed by the B&B FA that the following referees had indeed achieved their objective: 

Level 7 to Level 6;Lee Dunnings Sophie Dennington Adam Williams. 

Level 6 to Level 5:Darren Hackett. 

Level 7 to Level5 (which rarely happens): Tony Lister 

It may well be worthwhile therefore to remind players that not all referees are ****, with almost all, over the years, trying to improve their skills not only for themselves, but also for the players they serve.  

Annual General Meeting: 

We are sure this will NOT come as a major surprise but the original date of Monday 8th June has had to be postponed. As we speak the other date previously announced, Monday 10th August remains in place for the time being at least.  



2nd October Registration Secretary Request

Marcie has a few things she would like to point out as the season is now under way. 

All team sheets need to be on full time by 6.00pm on the Monday after the match. If you sign a player on the day the form needs to be shown to the opposition and they will sign the back.

If the player you've intending to sign isn't going to make it for the start of the game please inform the opposing manager and it will need to be signed upon arrival, that player can play as long he has been named on the team sheet before the match begins.

When signing on the day the player will need to be added to the Whole Game System by 6-00 p.m. on the Monday after the match, and the signed form sent to me by the latest Wednesday, if this doesn't happen that player cannot play the following week and until the WGS is complete. You also need to go back into full time and update your team sheet.

Please do not send any registration forms to me if you haven't put them on WGS. Again I have a collection of forms but players have never been entered on WGSNever register a player on WGS without a signed registration form.

If you are having difficulty for some reason with the registrations on WGS and you ask the county to assist please cc myself in on all the emails so I am aware of the situation.

Paper team sheets are no longer required to be sent to me, however please make sure you are fully completing them before you exchange with the opposition and give the referee their copy. Team sheets for Berks and Bucks games are on the B&B website, if you are unable to print one off you may use one of the league team sheets but you must complete the B&B copy online and submit.

Reminder all players must be registered 7 days before, other than 3 on the day up until 1st March. No signing on the day for any cup games, however B&B games players can be signed on by midday on the Friday.

Transfer forms are available on the website and need completing by all parties, completed on WGS and sent to me with £20 transfer fee, if you pay direct into the ADL account please let myself and Tony Skeggs know.

Please don't hesitate to ask for any assistance if you are unsure about anything. 

19th August Cup Draws



 ROUND ONE games to be played on Saturday 9th November 2019  

1 Stoke Mandeville Res v Wendover Res 

2 Wingrave Res v Rivets Res 

3 Tetsworth Res v Ludgershall Utd Res 

4 Haddenham United Res v bye 

QUARTER FINAL games to be played on Saturday 1st February 2020  

5 Prestwood Res v Winner of Game 3 

6 Bedgrove United Res v Haddenham United Res 

7 Stewkley Res v Winner of Game 1 

8 Long Marston Res v Winner of Game 2 

SEMI FINAL games to be played on Saturday 29th February 2020 

9 Winner of Game 5 v Winner of Game 6 

10 Winner of Game 7 v Winner of Game 8 


ROUND ONE games to be played on Saturday 5th October 2019 

1 Ludgershall Utd v Stewkley 

2 AV Dynamos Develop v FC Titans

3 Long Marston v Ley Hill Vets 

4 Thame FC v Tetsworth 

5 Tring Corries Devel v Rivets 

6 Haddenham v Prestwood

7 Ayletico v Aylesbury Raiders 

8 APBS v Tring Town 

9 Bedgrove United v Bye 

10 FC Bierton v Bye 

ROUND TWO games to be played on Saturday 23rd November 2019 

11 Winner of Game 8 v Winner of Game 5 

12 Winner of Game 2 v Bedgrove United 

13 Winner of Game 1 v Winner of Game 7 

14 Winner of Game 4 v Winner of Game 3 

15 Winner of Game 6 v FC Bierton  

QUARTER FINAL games to be played on Saturday 1st February 2020 

16 Elmhurst v Winner of Game 12 

17 Stoke Mandeville v Winner of Game 13 

18 Winner of Game 14 v Winner of Game 11 

19 Aylesbury Vale Dyn v Winner of Game 15 

SEMI-FINAL games to be played on Saturday 7th March 2020 

17 Winner of Game 19 v Winner of Game 17

18 Winner of Game 17 v Winner of Game 16 



5th July

The 2019-20 Season sees us go with 38 teams across 3 Divisions as per the below.

Clubs are warned midweek fixtures could occur in the bottom two divisions 


1 APBS    


1 QUAINTON      
2 WINGRAVE      
3 FC BIERTON      
7 OVING      
8 AWFC      
12 FC TITANS (NEW)      


4 THAME FC      
5 ST JOHNS FC      
6 STONE      

10th June

Registration forms are now Online (see Home Page or Forms via the Tabs on the Home Page) 

Note; this is for EVERY player you sign on, whether New or Existing. The amount of Player information that is incorrect needs correcting. Misspelt names, wrong Dates of Birth and wrong Postcodes

B&B Also require every players Email address (it has been on the ADL form for years)

There is NO Retention Form

Process is to gather the Paper Form from the player (signed - that his authority for you to proceed) and then Add to Whole Game System (WGS) when you have submitted to the League you must immediately take the Paper form to Marcie.

Errors, Blanks etc will be returned to your Club

Marcie, ADL Registration Secretary



6th June


 Some 3 seasons ago the FA introduced “Football for ALL” being an attempt to involve more people into "the popular game”.

 They did this by announcing that wherever possible teams should consist of a maximum of 5 repeatable substitutes.

 Research has shown that most of the local leagues, having adopted this approach are singing its virtues, and have found that they are able to keep far more players involved for far longer.

 For whatever reason the Clubs within Aylesbury and District Football League (ADL) have voted at the past two AGMs to keep the present system which has resulted in the following confusion:

 1. Referees/teams from outside the ADL, who perform locally elsewhere, assume the rule has been introduced, and should teams re-introduce a player who has been substituted, they think nothing of it. The result of this is, an appeal by the non-guilty team to have the match re-played.

 2. Confusion by many teams as to how many substitutes you are allowed, dependent on what division you are placed in, and an increased misunderstanding particularly in cup matches, and even more so if you are drawn against another team in a cup match that play either lower or higher in a different division.

 3. Confusion by ADL teams as to B&B FA rules in County Cup matches, often penalising themselves by not realising their rules and having an insufficient number of players, particularly when injuries take place.

 So, yet again the ADL Committee intend to re-introduce the ruling at the AGM on Monday 10th June 2019 with one standard ruling for ALL League and Cup matches, where teams can play up to a maximum of 5 repeatable substitutes.

 Advantages being as follows:-

 1. Keeping more and more players involved in the game.

 2. Less confusion from managers/secretaries/players/referees.

 3. Ability to replace an injured player by an already substituted player.

 4. In All games where a team has 5 substitutes, everyone gets the opportunity of some game time especially is a game is one-sided

 5. When normally all substitutes have been used and a player gets injured, a team is not forced to play with less than 11 players

The ADL Committee

5th June

******* Massive Breaking News *******

Latest information ready for the Aylesbury and District Football League Annual General Meeting on Monday 10th June


Aylesbury Dynamos, FC Spandits.( Who have folded).Bedgrove Dynamos Firsts, Thame F.C. Firsts (who have moved elsewhere).

This should have left us with 32 teams.

New Entries.

After extensive interviews. these clubs need to voted in on Monday 10th June

Aylesbury Vale (2). Berryfields. Bierton Ath.Great Missenden. F.C. Titans. Tring Corries Development. These will be joined by additional teams from Haddenham. Prestwood. Stoke Mandeville.

This leaves us with 42 teams for season 2019/2010

Aylesbury and District Football League Committee


1st January 2019



Michael Anthony Estate Agents agrees partnership to headline sponsor the Aylesbury and District Football League (ADL)


Leading northern home counties estate agency, Michael Anthony, is delighted to announce a new partnership with Aylesbury and District Football League. With effect from 1st January 2019, the league will be known as the Aylesbury and District League, sponsored by Michael Anthony Estate Agents. The headline sponsorship extends to throughout the 2019/2020 season.


The league being established for over 100 years now boasts 36 teams spread across the three divisions.. Michael Anthony has a long-held interest in promoting local football and enjoys sponsoring the Marsworth Cup, and also provides equipment to local community teams including Water Eaton FC U16s and Wingrave Wasps U9s. All existing partnerships will continue. “We’re delighted to partner with Aylesbury and District Football League, championing local adult football across Aylesbury and Buckinghamshire. This partnership starts at the beginning of our 30th year and this is a fitting association for all parties. We hope to raise the interest of the teams playing and also our property services. Through our partnership adult football continues for years to come” commented senior partner for Michael Anthony, Mike Donnachie. Chairman for the Aylesbury and District Football League, Peter Rice, said: “We are thrilled Michael Anthony are headline sponsoring our three adult divisions. We’ve known the team at


Michael Anthony for many years and their vibrant support of the Marsworth Cup has always been widely appreciated. From the league’s point of view, we look forward to further raising the brand awareness of Michael Anthony.


They are a business that puts the community at its heart and that’s why this is a great partnership; welcome aboard Michael Anthony and Michael Donnachie, Senior Partner for Michael Anthony Estate Agents 


About Michael Anthony Estate Agents Michael Anthony Estate Agents has been helping residents in the three counties of Buckinghamshire, Bedfordshire and Hertfordshire move since 1989. Our team uses a modern, adaptive and progressive approach to marketing that combines perfectly with a traditional blend of customer service that very few estate agents in the area can emulate.


With professional photography, future proof marketing techniques and outstanding customer service. To book your free, no obligation market appraisal of your property please visit our website: 


19th November




Issued 29th September 2018 The Aylesbury & District League ("we", "our", "us") takes your privacy very seriously. This Privacy Notice sets out how we use and look after the personal information we collect from you.


As an organisation who is responsible for, and controls the processing of your personal data, we are the data controller, and sometimes also the data processor, and will take reasonable care to keep your information secure and to prevent any unauthorised access or use of it.


We may update this Privacy Notice from time to time, and will inform you to any changes in how we handle your personal data.


1. Information we may collect from you Personal data means any information about an individual from which that individual can be identified. We may collect, use, store and transfer some personal data of our participants [and their parents or guardians], and other members.


The data we collect from participants may include:


• Name, date of birth and gender.


• Contact information, such as home address, email address and telephone numbers. Where we need to collect personal data to fulfil our responsibilities and a participant fails to provide that data, we may not be able honour or administer their participation in football.


2. How is your personal data collected? A participant may give us their personal data by filling in forms or by corresponding with us by post, phone, email, in person, or otherwise. This will typically be provided by a participant’s club by inputting participant details into Whole Game System.


3. How the ADFL uses personal data We will use personal information only for the purposes for which we have been provided such with such information. The reason we need participants’ and members’ personal data is to be able to administer the leagues and support football clubs; to administer memberships; to deal with sanctions. Our lawful basis for processing personal is that we have a contractual obligation to individuals as participants or members to provide the services of a football league. We have set out below, in a table format, a description of all the ways we plan to use your personal data, and which of the legal bases we rely on to do so. We have also identified what our legitimate interests are where appropriate.


Purpose/Processing Activity Basis for processing under Article 6 of GDPR


To respond to your enquiry Contractual


To administer the relevant competition Contractual


To send information to you Contractual


Publishing match and league results Consent. We will only publish your personal data in a public domain, including names, if you have given your consent for us to do so.


Publishing club and league contact details in our annual handbook For the purpose of administering the league. The data is deleted each season and is renewed with annual consent.


4. Sharing your personal data A club enters participant and/or member details onto Whole Game System which is administered by the FA. Referees will also add their details onto Whole Game System. We pass information to the FA for affiliation and other reporting purposes. We may share your personal data with our affiliates, suppliers and sub-contractors. We require all third parties to respect the security of your personal data and to treat it in accordance with the law. We only permit third parties to process your personal data for specified purposes and in accordance with our instructions. We may disclose your personal information to third parties if we are under a duty to comply with any legal obligation; or to protect the rights, property, or safety of our participants, members or affiliates, or others. 5. Protection of your personal data We are committed to protecting your privacy and have put in place appropriate security measures to prevent your personal data from being accidentally lost, used or accessed in an unauthorised way, altered or disclosed. However, the nature of the Internet is such that the data may in some circumstances flow over networks without full security measures and could be accessible to unauthorised persons.


6. Data Retention We keep personal data on our participants and member while they are signed up to the League. We will delete this data twelve months after an individual has ended their membership or affiliation, or sooner if specifically requested and we are able to do so. We may need to retain some personal data for longer for legal or regulatory purposes. In some circumstances we may anonymise your personal data (so that it can no longer be associated with you) for research or statistical purposes in which case we may use this information indefinitely without further notice to you.


7. Third Party Links Our website may contain links to other sites. Please be aware that we are not responsible for the privacy practices of these sites. We encourage our users to be aware when they leave this website and to read the privacy statements applicable on those sites. This privacy policy does not apply to information collected on third parties’ sites.


8. Your Rights All data subjects have the right to:


• Request access to your personal data


• Request rectification of the personal data that we hold about you


• Request erasure of your personal data where there is no good reason for us continuing to process it


• Object to processing of your personal data for direct marketing, or where we are processing on the grounds of a legitimate interest of that interest is overridden by your rights and freedoms


• Request restriction of processing of your personal data while we establish the data's accuracy, or verify an overriding interest to object to processing; where our use of the data has been unlawful but you do not want us to erase it; where you need us to hold the data to establish, exercise or defend legal claims


• Request the transfer of your personal data to you or to a third party in a structured, commonly used, machine-readable format


• Withdraw consent at any time where we are relying on consent to process your personal data


• Complain at any time to the Information Commissioner's Office (ICO), the UK supervisory authority for data protection issues (


9. Contact Us If you have any queries about this Privacy Policy, or, you wish to access or update your information please email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or write to Margaret Stevens – Hon Secretary, Aylesbury & District League, Morgans Orchard, St Leonards, Tring , Herts, HP23 6NW


7th September

Alongside the below message as a result of GDPR Club Contacts will no longer be published on the website.
In due course FA Full time will detail your oppositions contact details and pitch location - for now every Club will be manually emailed a list of Clubs email addresses and phone numbers to confirm games. 

28th August Referee Announcement

In light of the presently introduced GDPR rules and regulations, should any details of referees be required, then contact is to made though the Referees' Secretary. Kevin Saw, This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or 07884105261 - these will not be published as contacts on the website. Your weekly referee details will be sent out via Fa Full time


6th August Divisions Set Up forthcoming season 

 With Haddenham Utd First Team folding there will now only be 3 Divisions this forthcoming season


















Long Marston


Rivets Sports


Bedgrove Dynamos


Prestwood NEW


Thame FC NEW








Bedgrove Utd




Bucks Blues

FC Spandits

Rivets Sports Res

Aylesbury Dynamos

FC Bierton

Wendover Res


Stoke Mandeville






Bedgrove Utd Res


Wingrave Res

Tetsworth Res

Aylesbury Raiders

Quainton Reserves

St Johns

Bedgrove Dym Res

Long Marston Res

Ludgershall Res

Fairford Leys NEW

Stone Utd NEW

Thame FC Res NEW








Letter of Explanation.

NB Bedgrove Dynamos and Oving have now swapped after they agreed to do so

With the Committee agreeing that the last day of acceptance into the league for season 2018-2019 was Monday 30th July, interviews subsequently took place that evening, with Fairford Leys and Stone Utd being recommended for acceptance.

As a result 4 somewhat smaller divisions were sorted out, covering 39 teams.

This information was subsequently released on Thursday 2nd August, having been agreed at the Committee meeting the evening before at their monthly meeting.

Over the week-end, Saturday 4th/Sunday 5th both last season’s Premiership winning team Aylesbury Dynamos and the runners-up Haddenham, wrote explaining they were unable to fulfil their obligations, and would have to withdraw.

Following numerous e-mails/telephone conversations over the last 24 hours the Committee has therefore agreed there should be 3 larger divisions, as attached.

These divisions have been drawn up strictly on where teams were placed as at the end of the 2017/2018 season, as far as possible, bearing in mind that under FA rules you can NOT have 2 teams from the same club in the same division.

With reference to cup entries, these will be drawn later this week, and hopefully sent out prior to the week-end.

On behalf of the Committee it is fully realised that not everyone will be happy with these decisions, but with a little over 3 weeks until the commencement of the season, the administration still to be carried out, plus family holidays still to be taken, hopefully everyone will see it’s the best solution to a position none of us hoped would happen.


Peter Rice. League Chairman.



31st July Player Registration deadline

Rule 8a (iii) 

The Management Committee wish to bring to your attention the above rule that clearly states that every club needs to have registered 14 players, (28 if club have a reserve team) by mid-night on Sunday 5th August


28th July Special General Meeting Reminder

Aylesbury and District League Special General Meeting to be held on Tuesday 7th August 2018, at Rivets Sports and Social Club, at 7-30p.m.





2017/2018 Season

1. Presentation of the John Walker Award for the Top Referee


2018/2019 Season

1. Presentation by the Berks and Bucks FA re Team sheets and Full Time

2. Adoption of Fairford Leys and Stone United FC into the League

3. Agreement of Divisional Constitution

4. Secretary Update

5. Treasurers Update

6. Registration Secretary Update

7. Fixture Secretary Update

8. Referee’s Secretary Update

9. Media Secretary Update

10. Any Other Business



19th March Message from the Chairman


Step by step procedure to be followed in the case of your pitch being potentially unfit for play:-




1. Should your match be called off by the District Council/Parish Council/ Authorised groundsman.


You should consult your opponents (rule 10f paragraphs 4/5) to see IF their pitch is available/playable


Whatever the decision, the referee/opponents should be contacted by phone, to advise accordingly, no respond then text, asking for confirmation of receipt, do NOT communicate by e-mail.


Then, and ONLY then are your players to be advised accordingly.




2. In all other cases, if your pitch is in any doubt the following procedure should be followed:-


Check to see if your opponents pitch is available/playable.


If not contact your committee allocated referee to visit (On these occasions committee referees are able to claim £10 towards their travel).


If NOT available then contact a local referee know to the league for their advice.


If no-one is available then ask your match referee to travel as early as they can.




When the inspection has been carried out, and a decision made, advice your opponents/referee if needs be, as to what is happening by phone, no response then by text, asking for confirmation of receipt, do NOT communicate by e-mail.




Then and only then should your players be informed.




If a match is called off for whatever reason, then all of the committee members listed under rule 10f (iii) MUST be contacted.






1. Should a referee turn up, NOT having received confirmation the match is off, then they are entitled to full-fees.


2. Should a referee turn up and declare the pitch unplayable, then they are entitled to half-fees




6th January. Message from the Chairman 

Reminder re Officials.

With the second half of the season about to begin (weather permitting), now is the time to remind everyone of their responsibilities re officials.



All officials are aware of their responsibilities prior to the match commencing.

As part of their DNA they all know they should arrive at the ground anywhere between 30/45minutes prior to commencement in order a ground/boot check be made.

They have all been reminded that they then should be in the officials’ room anywhere between 15/30 minutes prior to kick off, particularly on council grounds, in order for the necessary administration details can take place, which includes cross-checking shirt numbers to players.

Should, for whatever reason the official fail to appear at their allotted time, the teams should report it on the back of their form, sent to the registration Secretary.





We need to remind you that YOU are responsible for welcoming the official (Not the other way round).

At least 15 minutes prior to the start of the match, two (pumped up) match balls are to handed to the official, as well as your completed teamsheet Completed teamsheets means that ALL boxes are completed prior to handing the paperwork over to the official.Club Colours, First Aider, Club Assistant etc.

For cup matches their match fee is to be offered, and 50% claimed back from the opposition.



League match fee to be offered at least 15 minutes prior to kick off together with your completed teamsheet. Completed teamsheet means that ALL boxes are completed prior to handing the paperwork over to the official. Club Colours, First Aider, Club Assistants etc.



Wherever possible, especially on a cold winter’s day, a half-time drink is always appreciated by ALL officials

Please be aware that ALL officials registered to the Berks and Bucks FA have recently been reminded about their paperwork, and to ensure it is completed correctly.


Finally, please do NOT forget that failure to deal with all the above carry separate fines. 



This email is sent on behalf of the Marsworth Secretary

Looking at the fixtures for next Saturday onwards it appears to be the start of the Marsworth Reserve season, so with several new teams involved now is the time to explain several issues.

The Marsworth Cup Competition is a stand alone Cup Competition, with its own set of rules, which you have ALL been sent.
So here is a reminder of the main ones.
Whilst you may name 5 (non-repeatable) substitutes, of which you can ONLY use 3.
2. Teamsheets
Are to be sent to Peter Rice NOT Marcie.
e-mail This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or by post to 3. Long Plough. Aston Clinton. Aylesbury Bucks. HP22 5HA.. Deadline is mid-night the Wednesday after the match
Whist making NO promises I will try and inform the teams who have missed the deadline, as the fines can escalate alarming.
3. Results.
Text responds as introduces this season are as per.
Should non-ADL teams not be familiar with the new system please contact me for the required number.
4. Payment.
ALL costs to be paid by the home team. However they may claim 50% back from their opponents for the £40 referees fee.
5. Extra-Time
You wanted it, so you have it, IF the tie is level at Full-Time
6. Other issues.
Covered by the rules, including the fact that IF a player has already played in the Senior Cup this season, then he is cup-tied and can NOT play in the Reserve section.
Finally IF there are any questions, please do NOT hesitate to get in touch.


This email is sent on behalf of the League Registration Secretary.


I'm away from Sunday for a week so I won't be reading any emails. Please register all players as normal and submit them on the WGS and post registration forms, they will be pending until the following week but you will be able to play them as I have the date and time  you put them on WGS (so no cheating I will find out).


Can I remind you all that you CAN NOT sign a player on the day for any cup games, they need to be registered 7 days before. However Berks and Bucks games are by mid day on the Friday.

Transfer requests are as previous years a signed transfer form from both team secretaries and player along with £15 transfer fee, then through the WGS request a notice of approach and if I've received your completed form I will transfer them.

Please remember to score your ref on your team sheet and any scores under 50 need to have a letter sent to Kevin Saw with your reason why. Rule 13H.

So far I'm happy with this process on WGS so we shouldn't have any issues,  if your not sure if a player is registered just check on WGS.



ADL Registration secretary


This email is sent on behalf of the League Chairman.

As there appears to be confusion as to how many substitutes are allowed in ADL cup matches, please note the following.
ALL Aylesbury and District League Cup matches are 3 from 5 substitutes (non-repeatable). This covers the Tom Sparkes League, Sheffield Jackman, and Reserve Cups as well as the Thomas Field Shield.
Whilst writing can we also make it clear that the home team is responsible for the pitch costs, and the referee fee. Whilst the home team may claim back 50% of the referees costs back from their opponents, they may NOT claim back anything from their opponents for their pitch costs.
Should this information not be clear, you are invited to contact the Chairman and/or treasurer.
Aylesbury and District Football League

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